How to make a viral video marketing campaign

18.06.2013 21:09

Central Institute’s snappy viral video marketing campaign




We all love viral videos.  If we didn’t love them, they wouldn’t go viral in the first place.  

Of course, viral videos are just one small slice in the online video marketing pie, but we must admit it is a particularly digestible slice.  Let’s take a look at one of the viral clips circulating like mad this week:


Created by two former Central Institute students, this video is a daring and experimental take on what might have been an otherwise boring, generic ad for a technical college in Australia.  Things take a surprise turn for the gory after the 1 minute mark, so stop there if you’re squeamish.  Indeed, you may feel that they took the dark humor about 30 seconds too far, but the overall response has been incredibly positive.  

Approaching the 2 million views mark faster than you can snap your fingers in it’s first week online, the video has already garnered praise from,, and Gizmodo.

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