Two cool Apple IoS videomaking apps from Vimeo

24.07.2014 16:00

One of the most magical things about Vimeo (aside from our name being an anagram) is our crazy-supportive community. All you wonderful people make Vimeo a welcoming place to watch and share videos, and we would truly be nothing without you. 

So whether you upload videos all the time, or have yet to share your first, this installment of our monthly gabfest is all about boosting your creativity and confidence with apps, tools, and films that inspire. Read on, then get creating!
From Cameo to Vimeo ASAP
Easily shoot, edit, and share cinematic videos from the comfort of your mobile phone with Cameo, our award-winning iPhone app. And now, you can upload directly to Vimeo from Cameo once you’re ready to share.
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Organize everything, all the time
Batch edit and delete multiple videos at once with our new Organizer. Change the privacy settings of five (or 5,000) videos in one go, add or remove videos within your collections, or delete unwanted videos super speedily.
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