How to make a great corporate video.

16.09.2014 13:57

What Makes the Best Corporate Videos?

Its All About the Audience and the Concept

Dane Frederiksen, Digital Accomplice

The best corporate videos are the ones that achieve their goals, but how do you define winning? Because video (just like text or photos) can be used for so many different business objectives, it’s really important to first determine how you want to define ‘best’: Is it views? traffic? site stickiness? leads? sales? comments? shares via social media?… you get the idea.

To help you determine what factors you’ll want to focus on in your next corporate video, I’m going to outline many of the ways I’ve experienced in which the best corporate videos might be judged. (These are my opinions based on about 20 years of experience professionally creating video content.

Keep your Audience in Mind

With all the content out there on the web, one of the best things you can do before creating any content is to start with your audience’s best interests in mind. If you don’t give them a good reason to care about your content and want to watch it, they probably wont.

Great Concept

I think the importance of concept is greatly misunderstood and a big opportunity. So many times it seems that video production gets underway before the concept has been developed to the point where it can be more fully effective.


Some of the other things are…


What’s the Hook?

We’re all busy. You have to get their attention and engage them in the first few seconds. It can be an interesting fact, a question, cool music, great videography, maybe it’s just text. Either way: You have but seconds.

“Keep it Simple, Stupid” (The KISS Principle)

Simplicity is better.

Shorter is Better

Keep it short.

Good Production Values

Video that is framed, shot, lit and edited well makes your brand look better. The same goes for the performance (either acting or documentary style interviews). It’s all about presentation – the same thinking that keeps you from going to work in your pajamas.

This example is very well shot but I don’t really think they did a good job of keeping the audience in mind, it just seems like ‘chest thumping’ to me.

Tell Me a Story

The architecture of a story is wired into human beings to be engaging. The story format of “thishappened, then that happened, but then this other thing happened, so I then did this” is a captivating format to all of us, we can’t look away. Use it to your advantage.

Make it Memorable

Nothing makes me cringe like watching a corporate video that I just know cost a small fortune but will be forgotten as soon as it’s over. By making an impression, you are making it memorable and in turn getting far more bang for your buck.

Funny as it may be, this example is very memorable, even if it suffers in other areas like production values. – still, I’ll bet it did wonders for this company.


Engage Emotion

This is the true power of video: The combined emotional effects of story, music, message, beautiful visuals, what other media format has that power to engage you emotions on so many levels in so short a time?

Be On Brand

The best corporate videos frequently do all of these things but in a way that is consistent with the brand, but not always. You might have great results with a very silly video for a law firm, or it could backfire. In a way, being off brand can redefine your brand, which surely is one of the powers of video. This one is sticky, you just have to trust your gut, and sleep on it!

Mobile and Social Media Ready

Mobile and Social Media are here. You have to make sure your video planning takes them into account and that you know that your content will work in both spaces. Be sure to consider how to optimize for things like SEO, social sharing, other languages if relevant. In general I’d say just think through what happens once it goes live: make a plan, make a list!

Have a Purpose

I have a new mantra: One video, one goal. So many corporate videos seem to ramble on about how great the company is but it’s just not clear what the objective is. Frequently, videos seem to have too many goals and so they end up not meeting any of them very well. Videos aren’t always meant to be infomercials, they might be brand building or to boost awareness, just know why you are producing video and then you can better stay on target.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

About the author - Dane Frederiksen owns Digital Accomplice, a Bay Area digital media company focused on creating video content for the gaming, tech and marketing industries, as well as partnering with developers to help produce and market their apps. 

Dane has been creating content for over 20 years and has worked with clients across the world, including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Adobe, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubi, Activision, Capcom and many indie developers. Over the past decade, he has produced hundreds of video-game-related features for game developers around the globe. His work has won several national awards.