How to Make Video for Business - Production, Hosting and Marketing

02.06.2014 11:44

How can you share your videos using social media?

Social Sharing & Video: The Tricks You Need To Know

02.06.2014 11:33

Video Hosting Platforms - Why free may not be worth the money

Why using ‘free’ online video platforms for your content marketing is bad business from Marketing Mag -

31.05.2014 17:03

Where to host your video? Wistia Versus YouTube

Wistia Versus YouTube: Pros and Cons of These Video Platforms

11.05.2014 19:02

How to plan and shoot a high quality video on a tight budget

You don't need a Hollywood budget to make effective business videos. In fact, a small budget can be a good thing - forcing you to get creative, learn quickly & find a way around setbacks.

08.05.2014 20:29

How to shoot great web video with a Digital DSLR

Vzaar's in house video guru Terry joined videophiles from all over London last week at the BBC to talk all things video. If you're looking to squeeze every drop of performance out of humble kit - this is the talk for you. Watch it.

22.02.2014 21:54

How to Pick the Right Video Tripod and Head

Narrow your choice of options, pick through what is important to you, and make it easy to choose the right tripod to suit your needs and your budget. The most important consideration in buying a tripod is the weight of the camera that it is going to be supported

07.02.2014 14:54

Great video, audio and digital photo gadgets and accessories

These accessories will help improve your video and digital imaging skills and capapbilties

28.01.2014 10:45

Magnus VT3000 Video Tripod Review

The Magnus VT3000 Video Tripod System fits the bill for most videographers and video makers. Especially if you are a one man operation or are running & gunning. It is lightweight, quick to set up and easy to use.

17.12.2013 17:27

WimTV Pro - New video plug in for WordPress

WimTVPro makes it easy to manage and publish internet videos, video on demand, and even earn money from your videos.You can install and try it for free.

20.11.2013 17:44

Qumu Releases New Version of Video Control Center Video Platform

Qumu announced the newest version of their Video Control Center platform solution for the enterprise. Updates include user-friendly webcasting, improved mobile browsing and a brand new player interface.

17.11.2013 14:30

Four mobile video apps make it easy to edit and share short videos

Vine, Instagram, YouTube Capture and Dailymotion Camera - from FZ.com

22.10.2013 14:55

Are online video ads effective? What format works best?

Akamai study measured the effectiveness of video ads, and their completion and abandonment rates, using Akamai’s data (from about 65 million unique viewers watching 362 million videos and 257 million ads from 33 video providers around the world).

10.10.2013 15:14

Panasonic ships new shoulder mounted AVC CAM camcorder

The AG-AC8PJ, with 1080p recording capabilities, is ideal for shooting weddings, business conferences, documentaries, sporting events (including 720p at 8Mbs, optimal for use with leading coaching analysis systems), exhibits and government activities.

04.10.2013 13:05

Use Internet Video to Promote a Book

How you can use web video to promote your business or project. Check out this video to promote a new book - Scalp

01.10.2013 14:10

How to produce High quality video and audio podcasts

How to produce High quality video and audio podcasts for your business

11.08.2013 18:08

How to Create a YouTube Hit Video

How to get a big audience for your YouTube Video and how to Make it Go Viral

11.08.2013 18:03

Web Video Production for Businesses

There is perhaps no more compelling reason to learn and use web video production than to ensure that by using web videos you can greatly increase the value of your website. And, at the same time, you will also be able to have a competitive edge in your business. Research shows that website visitors, when exposed to web videos, will be more likely to buy products or services than if they were not exposed to video conten

20.07.2013 14:54

Innovative Products - Innovative design - Innovative Marketing

Innovation is a word we use freely and proudly today. You didn't develop a product/solution everyone really wants/really needs...you developed an innovation. Now all you have to do is hope folks buy it. Yes...that would be a real innovation.

06.07.2013 13:34

eCommerce needs to educate & entertain, not just sell

In a world of modern digitally connected customers, with different motivations and ways to get online, how to do you keep them involved with your brand? You have to entertain and educate

30.06.2013 18:29

How and why to use online video to help you sell your products and services on the web?

Online Video can be used in many ways - these include product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and provide online support in order to reduce customer service calls.

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