Celebritize Yourself

02.06.2013 17:14


Book Review - Celebritize Yourself

everyone is an expert in something and has information inside their brain that can make them money and maybe even famous


Review by Mark Shapiro


This new book "Celebritize Yourself" is Marsha Friedman's "Three Step Method To Increase Your Visibility And Explode Your Business"


According to Marsha, "there are experts in every field, and sometimes we believe them, and sometimes we doubt their credibility. But, if a celebrity tells us the same exact thing, then we pay closer attention, our interest builds in what they have to say, we nod our heads in agreement and run to tell our friends the latest news."


You can leverage that credibility to sell a book, a how to guide, a web site, and motivational series or seminar, you can make money.


This is what this book is all about. How to use the power of celebrity to monetize your "expertness".


Her book takes the reader through the various steps - first to figure out if you are ready to be an expert - "a celebrity, then to figure out what exactly you are a celebrity in. What is the specific expertise you have to offer? It might not be obvious. You may be employed doing one career but your expertise may be in an entire different direction. What do people want to know about? What are they willing to pay for?


A good example is the author herself. Even though Marsha is a PR professional, a publicity expert, her book is about how to convert your expertise into money and fame.


Once you have identified and isolated your area of expertise, then according to Marsha, you need to write about it. Your ticket to fame, your business card so to speak, is your nonfiction book. Marsha does a good job explaining the different publishing options - the perils and advantages of self publishing versus utilizing established publishing companies. She also explores new ways to getting your book created, published and distributed.


As expected from a PR professional, Marsha also explains how to promote your book via public relations, speaking and interviews, and other promotional techniques and strategies. She also goes deeply into the importance of a good web site and the absolute essential need for great ad copy that converts visitors to your web site into buyers of your book and ancillary products.


If you are thinking of making money by selling what is in your head, Marsha Friedman's "Celebritize Yourself" is a great book that will help you to get started. It is motivational, it is educational and includes great real world tips and case studies that you can draw form as you convert yourself from someone who simply knows a lot of stuff into a celebrity who get paid for sharing that knowledge.





“The term celebrity isn’t just reserved for the stars we read about in the tabloids, but rather, it also refers to experts who are known for being the tops in their chosen fields, many times removed from movie and TV stars,” says Friedman author of Celebritize Yourself from Warren Publishing (www.celebritizeyourself.com). “Whether you're a doctor, financial advisor, real estate broker, used car sales person, or even a waiter, you can celebritize yourself in any field.”



Friedman’s point is that everyone who isn’t famous still has one thing in common with people who are celebrities: at one point they weren’t celebrities either. To illustrate her point, she offers two excellent examples of ordinary people who were able to find their niche and celebritize themselves in then-unknown fields: Julia Child and Erma Bombeck.  Julia Child, whose background was in publicity and advertising, took her passion for French cooking and turned it into a dynasty. Erma Bombeck, a reporter turned homemaker, took a $3 per column job and turned it into a nationally-syndicated phenomenon.


“Today, the names of both women are synonymous with their professions” she says. “Celebrity for these two icons grew not out of ambition or greed...what they became famous for was what they loved.”


Take a look at Duane “Dog” Chapman, “the most famous Bounty Hunter alive.” Then there is Linda Cobb, “The Queen of Clean” and Linda Greenlaw, a swordfishing boat captain turned author who now has a series of very popular books.


“Celebrity is a powerful commodity; doors that were once closed can suddenly open. People listen to what they ignored before.  New business and money flows to you – not away from you. Most of all, people thank you for sharing your wisdom.”


Friedman’s Celebritize Yourself method leads the reader through an easy to apply, step by step method that can help anyone achieve celebrity status in their chosen field. 




About Marsha Friedman


Marsha is a prominent business woman, publicity expert, radio personality and public speaker.   Her company EMSI (Event Management Services, Inc) is a national public relations firm.  Launched in 1990 her firm represents corporations and experts in a wide array of fields.  She consults individuals and businesses on a daily basis and is frequently asked to speak at conferences about how to harness the power of publicity.  She also can be heard every week on the nationally syndicated talk radio show XM’s “The Family Roundtable” where she and her co-hosts have interviewed such celebrities such as Tony Curtis, Scott Hamilton, Ed Begley Jr, Augusten Burroughs, Denise Jackson, Janine Turner and Rose Rock. http://www.celebritizeyourself.com