Consumer Camcorder Reviews

27.08.2014 14:52

Instagram Adds Time Lapse Video Capture with Image Stabilization

Now your Instagram IoS videos can look smoother and way more interesting by using Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel

02.06.2014 14:48

Review Panasonic HC-W850K Twin Camera Full HD Camcorder

Check out the new Panasonic HC-W850K Twin Camera Full HD Camcorder - Panasonic has put a second sub camera on the end of the LCD screen. With this sub camera, you can capture two angles at once, a selfie or reaction shot, and more. Get the details here

17.06.2013 22:08

 Canon FS400 Flash Memory Camcorder- A Nice little consumer camcorder for $200!

This is a good little camcorder for family, kids and fun. Its small, easy to use and boasts a 37x optical zoom! The Canon FS400 can use a variety of memory cards including SD, SDHC and SDXC. With a 1 GB card, you can capture ten minutes of highest quality video. With a 64 GB card you can capture over 14 hours of high quality video. If you opt for Long Play video quality, you can capture an astonishing 41 hours of video with a 64 GB card! Affordable, easy to use, and very small, this is a perfect camcorder for your kids and for travel.

14.06.2013 18:34

The Canon VIXIA HF G30 camcorder - quick internet video uploads.

the VIXIA HF G30 camcorder. This new camcorder features a powerful 20x Genuine Canon HD Video Lens, MP4 recording, and built-in Wi-Fi® capability with dual band wireless support, making the VIXIA HF G30 camcorder a great device to help preserve inspirational moments in stunning image quality. Whether capturing a once in a lifetime trip or creating a movie, avid videographers will enjoy the sophisticated capabilities of this powerful device in a compact body.