Top Ten Filmmaking Tips - Tips for Prosumer and Video Enthusiasts

18.06.2013 21:19

Top Ten Filmmaking Tips

from Daryl Bob Goldberg



1. There is absolutely no excuse why you (yes you) cannot make a movie.

2. You don’t have to be wealthy to make movies--there are ways to do it with other people's money.

3. Your film must constantly evolve at every stage along its journey in order for it to survive. Careful planning is what makes evolving the plan possible.

4. Just because your friend is willing to be your "producer" does not make them the best person for the job.

5. Never cast an actor who "looks the part" over an actor with the actual talent you need. A character's look can be re-imagined, but lack of talent you're stuck with forever.

6. It's not enough to set out to just make a movie; you have to set out to make the right movie for you and your career so that you can go on to make a second movie, a third, and a 100th.

7. Creativity and efficiency are both important parts of what makes someone a good filmmaker.

8. It is crucial to understand your crewmembers' functions so that you can help them to help you better.

9. Editing should hurt--it's for the good of the movie.

10. "We're going to submit to film festivals" is not enough of a strategy to ensure your film's success after its completion.



Read his book -

First-Time Filmmaker F*ck-ups: Navigating the Pitfalls to Making a Great Movie

by Daryl Bob Goldberg

This book is not as outrageous as might be expected from the title. Each chapter starts with a typical challenge that film makers face and how to properly handle it. I would have liked to have read some real world anecdotes of screw ups and what were the repercussions. That said, this is a good book for those who are just starting making videos and films.

It is an easy read, fun with lots of humor.

It covers lots of important topics-

how to get financing

all about selling the movie

how to attract and contract with actors for your film

Secrets of good casting

The importance of pre-production and location scouting

 the budgeting and scheduling process

who do you need on your team

hw to work with actors

editing & post production


From the author -

My approach in writing this book was to treat it as if I sat down with a good friend who asked, "What should I know before setting out to make my movie?" How would I make that discussion informative, entertaining, and content-rich to best help out a friend I truly wished to see succeed?

Countless books, schools, and even jobs claim to prepare aspiring filmmakers with the knowledge they need to see their movies through. And while many of those resources can prove immensely valuable, nearly all new filmmakers still fall victim to the same mistakes time and again. Including myself.

That's why, a few (more successful) films later, I decided to create the resource I and so many other hungry individuals always wished and dreamt had existed: A straightforward guide that is as accessible as it is rich with in-depth strategies new filmmakers can use to assure a quality movie. Or to put it simply, something that makes sure you don’t f*ck up your film like most new filmmakers do.

Whether you are a film school graduate, an entertainment professional, or have never touched a camera, this guide takes a casual conversational approach to walking readers through the mistakes that amateurs and pros alike consistently fall victim to. Mistakes like not knowing how to raise financing, failing to attract name actors, and having unrealistic budgets, schedules, and shooting scripts. From better understanding your crewmembers' functions to ensuring your movie gets seen, this practical resource will help you make a better movie that will help your career.

In addition to being a filmmaker, I always consider myself first and foremost a film fan. It is my very sincere wish to help other filmmakers make their movies more successfully--so that I and other film fans alike can continue to have new, innovative, and entertaining films to enjoy for many years to come.

--Daryl Bob Goldberg



Learn to avoid the costly mistakes that commonly plague independent filmmakers with this concise and informative how-to guide. Laced with examples from famous movies, directors, and producers, author Daryl Bob Goldberg empowers you with the practical knowledge to achieve a dream that is not as intimidating as you might think

This book will help you avoid problems associated with fund-raising, budgeting, scheduling, casting, shooting, actors, crew, postproduction, distribution, legal issues, and much more, all written by someone who has learned these lessons the hard way-so you don't have to.

. A crash-course that packs in the know-how that takes most professionals years of experience to acquire

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