You can now edit your Vine Videos

25.08.2014 13:55




music by Us The Duo


Every day, millions of people open Vine to share memories in the moment. Today, Vine unlocks a new camera that gives you the freedom to create a Vine in any way you want. The new camera offers powerful ways to edit your videos as well as the ability to import existing videos on your phone and turn them into Vines. Simply put, this release gives you total creative freedom –– and it’s all within the app.

Here’s what’s new:


In addition to your phone’s front- and rear-facing cameras, you now have another source for your Vines: you can import existing videos from your phone. From the capture screen, you’ll see a new option in the bottom left corner that lets you import a video. You can select one video or mix together several — and yes, slow-motion videos are supported. 

Next, it’s now easier to get your Vine just the way you want it. Whether you’ve imported a past video or shot a new one within the Vine app, you can edit your Vines faster and with more precision. Simply tap the scissors from the preview screen to edit your Vine and try out new tools such as the duplicate button and mute button. My favorite new tool is the preview and undo button — with one tap, you can preview your last clip right from the capture screen, and if you don’t want to use it, you just tap the same button again to undo it. 


If you’re looking for even more ways to shoot great Vines, simply tap the wrench from the capture screen. This will let you access a second layer of camera tools: grid, plus a new level; the focus lock, which now works with the front-facing camera in addition to the rear-facing camera; ghost mode, which shows you the last frame of your previous shot (and is super helpful for lining up shots!); and a new torch feature, so you can now shoot in low-light settings.



When we introduced Vine, we wanted to make it easier for people to create, share and discover short, looping videos. Today, people enjoy Vines not only within our mobile apps, but also on, across the web through embedded Vines, and on services like Twitter and Facebook. In fact, every month more than 100 million people watch Vines across the web*, and there are more than 1 billion loops every day. As the community continues to grow and more and more people find and watch Vines every day, we are excited to provide people with more tools to express their creativity and make even more, and more awesome, Vines.

To give the new Vine camera a spin, download the latest version of Vine foriOS and stay tuned for the upcoming Android release.

Want to get in on the action? Find the oldest video on your phone and share it with #VintageVine. I’m excited to see what you all share.