Watch "Ask My Mom"

28.07.2013 16:15

Hi, I'm Maria Bamford! My Mom is Marilyn Bamford, a 70-year-old retired family therapist and a Netflix connoisseur. She has years of wisdom to tackle any query, question or fact of life. But, she’s also one of the busiest senior citizens on the planet! We can only get her to answer questions while she’s getting something done, but it’s priceless hard-hitting advice - whether she’s microwaving baked potatoes, doing yard work or jumping on a mini-trampoline.

Together, we toggle my thinly veiled personal questions along with your posts, tweets, and emails - with heartfelt, absurd, and liberal Christian advice from my Mom.

Comedian/actress Maria Bamford (Arrested Development, Louie, Adventure Time, Word Girl, Kung Fu Panda, Legend of Korra) is joining the My Damn Channel Comedy Network with her new comedy series Ask My Mom! Watch it at My Damn Channel, Blip and YouTube. New episodes premiere Thursdays in June.

Hailed by Judd Apatow as "the most unique, bizarre, imaginative comedian out there right now," Maria won rave reviews for her most recent comedy special (Special Special Special!). Maria has a recurring role in the new season of Arrested Development, premiering now on Netflix. She was recently a recurring guest on FX’s Louie, and is a voice actor for the award-winning animated series, Adventure Time (Cartoon Network) and Word Girl (PBS), as well as Kung Fu Panda and Legend of Korra – both series for Nickelodeon.  

Ask My Mom! is produced by PRECISION Productions + Post, the award winning creator of branded entertainment for FX, Disney, Fox Sports Network, Epson and Honda among others, and directed by PRECISION's Joe Arnao. 

In Ask My Mom!, Maria plays both herself and her mother, Marilyn Bamford, in a homemade advice show offering the busy senior’s heartfelt, absurd, and liberal Christian advice on love, life, parenting, religion, and how to upload your Weight Watchers points to the Cloud. Viewers can submit questions to Maria’s mom by visiting, and also communicate with Maria via Twitter and Facebook.

“Maria Bamford is one of the best comic talents there is,” said My Damn Channel Founder/CEO Rob Barnett. “Maria and her ‘mom’ share wisdom with our advice-seeking fans in a series that unleashes a ton of possibilities to expand into a second season.”