How to be more creative - Ten Tips for the New year

18.01.2015 16:48

10 Tips on Creativity for 2015

by Gabriel Biderman, courtesy B&H PhtoVideo


Creatively speaking, I really enjoyed 2014. My book, Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots,was officially released and I was able to do the fun part: share my vision with the world! The feedback that I've received, either from the various social channels, reviews, or workshops, has been incredible.


After a year of shooting and writing for the book, it was great to finally get back out there and shoot for myself. I recently wrote a blog post in which I pored over my work of 2014 and compiled “my year in review." If you haven't done it yourself, I highly recommend it. It is an inspiring way to assess your work and get focused for the upcoming year. I was really proud of what I produced last year, but I feel like my vision has become a bit “comfortable.” Now, I feel ready to challenge myself and take it to the next level. It's as exciting as riding a bike for the first time: you are moving, or in the photographer's case, seeing in a whole new way. When we are in this early exploratory vision-quest phase, it is very important to really focus and feel.


So, I'd like to share ten tips that have been fueling my creativity as of late. They've always been in my mind and some might seem obvious to you, but I've always found that ideas will stay in the forefront of our brains if we write them down and abide by them!

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Gabriel Biderman is a travel and self-taught fine art photographer. His work has been featured in photography exhibits in San Francisco, New York, London, and Hawaii, and published in print and online publications. He is the author of the book Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, published by Peachpit Press.