Help finish the Honeychild Sex Trafficking Feature Documentary

27.01.2015 16:44

A young woman chronicles her mother's fight to survive the '70s sex trade.

Honeychild - sex trafficking - feature documentary


When a young woman discovers her mother's dark past of being prostituted as a child in the 1970s, they embark on a journey across America and retrace the mother's life during her slavery and escape. The truth they find exposes more than either of them ever imagined about America’s innocent children forced into the sex industry.


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Our next phase of principal photography includes:


  • Travel to Melbourne Beach, FL to visit the location of the brothel where Cyndi was trafficked
  • Narrative of Cyndi’s story in Los Angeles
  • Interviews with experts and survivors, such as agent Anita Johnson from Waco, TX, survivor Beth Jacobs, and survivor Anna Malika
The importance for these remaining interviews is due to a strong pull towards helping implement a different law enforcement model here in America. The Nordic Model that began in Sweden has already proven effective in five European countries. It states that buying sex is illegal, but it is not illegal to sell sex. What this means is that law enforcement does not view women and children who are being prostituted as criminals. Instead, they view buyers and pimps as criminals and therefore prosecute them. Government agencies offer prostituted women the resources to pursue a career of their choice. Though other countries initially mocked the law, prostitution in Sweden (not exclusive from sex-trafficking) has plummeted over 80%. The model is so effective that multiple countries have adopted the same policy. Many activists in the United States strive to make our country a safe place for such victims, and we want to highlight a solution that has proven itself.

Since music was a huge part of how Cyndi survived and processed her life, we have approached several artists interested in covering her songs for the original soundtrack.

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