How to make really good videos to promote yourself

28.01.2015 10:19

Is Your Business Video as Good as it Can Be?

By Craig Vollgraff, Inspire Video Marketing -

By now most of you get the power of video marketing and what it can do for your business. Have you ever thought about the damage it might be doing to you and your brand? Let me explain…

In the social connected world of the internet, there are many avenues and routes through which clients and prospects can connect with you. It’s virtually impossible to determine which of those will be the first that a client will see, and since first impressions are profound and long lasting, it’s imperative that all of your marketing reflect the best of who you are and what you do.

In the video world, the standard for quality presentations is broadcast television. Broadcast television is carefully designed to keep the viewer engaged and entertained. Keeping viewership high is critical to advertising revenues, the lifeblood of broadcasting. How do they keep you engaged? Simple… Professionally scripted, beautifully shot, esthetically pleasing performances designed to move and inspire audiences.

You’re probably thinking, well I don’t have the budget to create anything that looks like broadcast television, but I do have an iPhone or a video camera, and a nephew who has iMovie, and I need video on my website. I’m here to tell you to resist the urge.

If you’re ready for video, it’s time to get professional help. It’s time to work with someone more concerned with your image than you are. It’s time to work with someone who’s standards are higher than yours. It’s time to treat video marketing as the powerful medium it is, for good and for evil…

Why? According to Jordan Belfort (The subject of the excellent Martin Scorsese movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street”) you have just 4 seconds to communicate the following to a prospect:

1. You’re sharp as a tack

2. You’re enthusiastic as hell

3. You’re an expert in your field

Anything that fails to communicate those  3 things to prospects immediately takes you out of consideration. Game over.

Want proof?

Here are the before and after videos for Marilyn Salerno, a Master Hypnotherapist in San Diego, CA.




and the after



Which video communicates Sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell, and an expert in their field?

Which video is better at communicating who Marilyn is, who she can help and how she does it?

Which video makes a positive first impression that makes you want to engage in a conversation?

This is the power of video marketing.

Is video marketing helping or hurting your business?