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08.03.2017 19:32

Online Video Contests Weekly Update
AD Indy Mogul
'First Films' Podcast!

Every filmmaker has to start somewhere. Justin Johnson (co-founder of 'Indy Mogul') sits down with filmmakers & YouTubers to discuss the 1st time they picked up a camera! Previous episodes include Ryan Connolly, Bobby Miller, & the Codeglia brothers, to name a few!

This Week's New Contests
Arena 'The Finish Line Power' Video Project
Who are some of your champions in everyday life?
Due 05/15/17 | Cash: $5,300
Indi Original Pop Challenge - April 2017
Pop songwriters, get attention for your work.
Due 04/17/17 | Cash: $250
Agile Meeting ThinkRite Video Competition
Show how to give your meeting a purpose.
Due 03/31/17 | Cash: $2,000
OneRepublic Cover Song Contest 
Cover a song from OneRepublic's latest album!
Due 04/16/17 | Prize: OneRepublic Merch
Tesla 'Project Loveday' Contest
Tesla is running a video contest.
Due 05/08/17 | Prize: Go to a future Tesla product launch event
2017 Natural High Video and Essay Contest
Students, how are you living a naturally high lifestyle?
Due 04/30/17 | Prize: All-expense paid trip to San Diego + more!
Death Wish Coffee Video Contest
Why is Death Wish Coffee the world’s strongest coffee?
Due 03/15/17 | Prize: Death Wish Coffee Chemex Bundle
The Red Nose Challenge
Students, why is it important to help end child poverty?
Due 04/17/17 | Cash: $5,000
Beddy's $10,000 Video Contest
Show your creative and fun ideas about Beddy’s turned into videos.
Due 04/08/17 | Cash: $10,000
My RØDE Reel 2017 Short Film Competition
Use RØDE products to shoot a short, and some BTS footage.
Due 06/30/17 | Prize: Over $500,000 in filmmaking prizes
all® OXI Video Project
Show how all® OXI as the superior over competitor detergents.
Due 03/22/17 | Cash: $36,500
Trollbeads 'Mother's Day' Video Project
Capture the core meaning of the Mother’s day celebration.
Due 04/19/17 | Cash: $5,300
Marks & Harrison 2017 Scholarship Competition
Students, raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.
Due 04/30/17 | Prize: $2,500 Scholarship
Celestion Guitar Speakers Video Competition
Guitarists, show Celestion speakers what you've got!
Due 03/17/17 | Prize: Celestion guitar speakers + Swag Bag of Celestion merch!
Capital Farm Credit Agriculture Video Contest
Texas students, what does agriculture mean to you?
Due 03/20/17 | Prize: $1,000 College Scholarship
SleepScore Labs #DeadTired Video & Photo Contest
What's the funniest thing you've done when you're #DeadTired?
Due 07/31/17 | Trip: Trip to New York City & The Dr. Oz Show + $500
Hot Wheels 'Sidewalk Speedway' Series Project
Create a 6 episode YouTube Series for Hot Wheels!
Due 03/07/17 | Cash: $60,000
Moët Moment Film Festival
Capture the unique expression of your moment for Moët champagne.
Due 03/27/17 | Trip: Trip for 2 to the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival + $25,000 grant
SADD 'End Distracted Driving' Video Contest
Friends don’t let friends drive distracted.
Due 03/31/17 | Cash: $5,000
Great American Cleanup of PA Video Contest
PA residents, record yourself making communities clean & beautiful!
Due 06/02/17 | Cash: $200
CMHO 'Change the View' Video Contest
Ontario youth, deconstruct the stigma around mental health issues.
Due 04/07/17 | Cash: $3,000
Stuff that's almost due! Hurry Up!
elizz Student Video Contest
Due 03/10/17 | Cash: $3,000
Sing Out 'Ring of Keys' Video Contest
Due 03/10/17 | Prize: 2 tickets to a featured Center Theatre Group presentation.
Pantene 'Test & Torture Your Hair' Contest
Due 03/12/17 | Cash: $12,700
UNESCO 'If I Were...' Video Contest
Due 03/12/17 | Prize: iPad Mini
Indi Comedy Challenge - March 2017
Due 03/13/17 | Cash: $150
H-E-B Primo Picks Showdown Video Contest
Due 03/13/17 | Cash: $25,000
WWF 'Reasons to Take Action' Video Project
Due 03/13/17 | Cash: $2,100
Illinois Fix the Formula Video Contest
Due 03/13/17 | Prize: iPad
Grand Traverse Pie Co. 'Pi Day' Video Contest
Due 03/14/17 | Prize: Grand Traverse Pie Company Pie for a Year
New York Academy of Film and Music Film Festival
Due 03/15/17 | Prize: Your project scored by award winning composers in NYC.
PistenBully 2nd European Video Contest
Due 03/15/17 | Trip: Trip for one person to Innsbruck, Austria for Interalpin 2017.
South Dakota First National Bank Video Contest
Due 03/15/17 | Prize: $1,000 College Scholarship
Shotover Camera Systems 'Change Your Game' Contest
Due 03/15/17 | Prize: Complete Shotover G1 Gimbal
score2win Video Contest
Due 03/15/17 | Cash: $1,000
Actuality Media Documentary Competition
Due 03/15/17 | Prize: Scholarship for Actuality Media's Documentary Outreach program
Death Wish Coffee Video Contest
Due 03/15/17 | Prize: Death Wish Coffee Chemex Bundle
Galbani 'Authentic Italian…Whoops!' Project
Due 03/16/17 | Cash: $5,300
Aspire Indiana 'The Big Lens' Video Contest
Due 03/17/17 | Cash: $2,500
Create Real Impact - Spring 2017 Contest
Due 03/17/17 | Cash: $1,500
OSAA #1 Student Section Video Contest
Due 03/17/17 | Prize: Catered lunch for the students who participated.
Celestion Guitar Speakers Video Competition
Due 03/17/17 | Prize: Celestion guitar speakers + Swag Bag of Celestion merch!
The Audience Awards Female Filmmakers Film Fest
Due 03/20/17 | Cash: $300
Film Fights 'Stranger Comes to Town' Fight
Due 03/20/17 | Prize: Fame, glory, bragging rights!
Speak Truth To Power 2017 Student Video Contest
Due 03/20/17 | Prize: Your film featured at Tribeca Film Festival
Indi Original Rock Challenge - March 2017
Due 03/20/17 | Cash: $250
Indi Original Song Challenge - March 2017
Due 03/20/17 | Cash: $250
Outside TV Campfire Video Contest
Due 03/20/17 | Trip: Trip to Patagonia, Argentina & get featured on OutsideTV.
Capital Farm Credit Agriculture Video Contest
Due 03/20/17 | Prize: $1,000 College Scholarship
Knorr 'The Pot of Marvels!' Video Project
Due 03/21/17 | Cash: $5,300