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How to make Internet Video - How to shoot, edit and distribute your internet and web videos

Great Electronics Deals from Amazon

15.12.2014 20:46

How to Use After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite

After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite offers hands-on exercises that will teach you essential production skills, such as Modeling in CINEMA 4D Lite, Tracking 3D motion in After Effects and more

15.12.2014 12:06

The Art Direction Handbook for Film & Television is a must-have for anyone working in or aspiring to work in art direction.

The Art Direction Handbook for Film & Television. In this new and expanded edition of The Art Direction Handbook, author Michael Rizzo now covers art direction for television, in addition to updated coverage of film design.

12.12.2014 12:33

Learn how to use Green Screen for Your Videos

The Green Screen Handbook, Second Edition is a comprehensive how-to manual that walks you through the many integral techniques required in preproduction, production, and postproduction to use green screen effectively.

25.11.2014 16:37

How many Americans watched online video in October

According to RapidTV News, In October 2014, about 191.5 million Americans — almost two-thirds of the population — watched online video via desktop computer - according to comScore's Video Metrix service. Google Sites ranked as the top video content property once again.

14.11.2014 16:00

What makes a viral video go viral

Check out this great article by Mike Skogmo at Tubefilter. Why do some videos rack up millions of views while others linger in obscurity? How does a particular clip become a cultural phenomenon while others remain perennially unseen? What is it that makes a video go viral?

13.11.2014 17:53

DJI Rolls Out Inspire 1 Three Axis Quadcopter With Integrated Video Camera

The Inspire 1 Is a Brand New Quadcopter Capable of Capturing 4K Video and Transmitting in a HD Video Signal to Multiple Devices Straight out of the Box.This DJI Inspire 1 bundle comes ready-to-fly (RTF). This means a pre-bound transmitter (radio controller) is included and that no major assembly is required

12.11.2014 18:08

Ellen DeGeneres Launches EllenTube

Check out Ellentube - a new free website to upload, share and watch videos. I think cute is especially important here

11.11.2014 17:27

Is someone watching you over your video camera?

Are you being spied upon by your own video camera? Do you leave your laptop camera up and on? Is the feed from your IP video camera being viewed by strangers? Insecam has posted feeds from over 37,000 unprotected video cameras - including over 11,000 in the US

11.11.2014 12:17

How to properly record professional quality audio, narration and voice overs for your internet videos

Check out this video - How to prepare a recording booth and choose proper audio equipment. Once you know the ins and outs of recording and editing voice-overs, your narration will be solid and carry as much impact as the rest of your production.

29.10.2014 14:39

Learn how to create corporate and business videos

Check out this new book from Stuart Sweetow. Go beyond the bland talking-head and PowerPoint slide-style of most corporate videos and learn how to land coveted corporate contracts with these comprehensive techniques from an industry veteran. Stuart Sweetow teaches you how to make imaginative corporate videos with eye-catching design, rhythmic editing tricks, and essential scriptwriting and interview techniques. Learn how to shoot on location or in a studio and how to work with employees-turned-actors. Also, discover how to get contracts and to produce online videos and podcasts for corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

29.10.2014 12:55

All about Video Site maps for online video

What is a Video Site Map and Why is it So Important to help promote your videos. What is a video sitemap? Whether you create your own sitemap, mRSS feed, or use a a third-party tool, the benefits are massive. Increased visibility in search results can only increase site visits and improve conversion rates. If you take the time to create compelling video content for your site, there is no reason not to take the steps to ensure search engines index it properly.

29.10.2014 09:06

Top Ten Video and Film Production Tips

Countless books, schools, and even jobs claim to prepare aspiring filmmakers with the knowledge they need to see their movies through. And while many of those resources can prove immensely valuable, nearly all new filmmakers still fall victim to the same mistakes time and again.

28.10.2014 16:46

Inside Scoop on the new Canon XF205 Camcorder

Almost everything you need to know - product details, review, tutorial videos and a link to buy it. What more do you need?

25.10.2014 13:39

New Canon C100 Mark 11 Camcorder available for order

Canon announced the upcoming availability of their new pro camcorder for event videographers, documentarians, and independent filmmakers. Includes auto focus, dual SDHC and SDXC media card slots, HDMI output with time code, 2 XLR audio jacks, and built in 2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi. Super 35mm 8.3MP CMOS Sensor

24.10.2014 16:56

Video needs light - review of Ikan 508 studio lights

Modern video lights - even though used in a studio and not carried around in the back of your car, or in a suitcase, are lighter, more reliable and do not put out the amount of heat generated by previous generation lights. Check out this short article about Ikan Studio Lights from B&H PhotoVideo

22.10.2014 14:19

Where and when are we watching Internet Video

Check out this new report from Adobe regarding where and how we are watching Internet video. There are a few interesting surprises, especially if you are advertising using video. Internet video is a powerful way to reach audiences both for publishers and advertisers. You already know people are watching online video more than ever, but what are they watching? When are they watching it? What are consumers' preferred methods of watching?

16.10.2014 18:05

How to make and promote a "explainer" video -

Explainer videos are an exceptional tool to promote your business by explaining or educating the viewer in a clear and concise way. It is a way viewers to easily understand a process or a product. Explainer video usually answer one of these challenges: What is the product or service? Why is the product or service important? What action should they take? A well made explainer video needs to satisfy clear objectives and show where your viewer fits in with your product. In other words it should create awareness, educate and persuade.

11.10.2014 12:24

Polaroid Cube Camera for Action Video

Polaroid Cube lifestyle action camera is weatherproof, shockproof, mountable and built to handle everything you can imagine. Packed with fun including 1080p HD video, 124° wide angle lens, and built in battery that records up to 90 minutes.

10.10.2014 13:59

10 Great YouTube Videos For Entrepreneurs and Business People

Are you in business? Are you an entrepreneur? Check out this collection of ten outstanding and motivational videos that every entrepreneur needs to see. Collected by Inc. Magazine

10.10.2014 11:52

How to make the best possible video on a budget

Six Great Strategies to Help You and your business make the best possible videos - even when you are on a tight budget. Supplied by Vzaar. “How To Make The Most Of Your Video Budget”

04.10.2014 10:41

Online video tips to help improve marketing success

Online video production tips; Internet video is a wonderful tool for showing what your company does, explaining how your products work and spotlighting customer testimonials. Many businesses want to use video to help them market their products and services but don’t know how to do it well. You don’t have to hire a professional video producer to shoot your online videos. You can do it yourself if you just remember a few basics.You don’t have to hire a professional video producer to shoot your online videos. You can do it yourself if you just remember a few basics.

27.09.2014 11:57

How to Convert a Business Presentation into a Great Video

How do you capture a business meeting, seminar or education program and then make it look and sound good on video. What are some good techniques, what do you need equipment wise and how is it done? Check out this great article from Jim Staylor at Staylor-Made Productions. Barriers to successful video usually stem from one or more of these 5 areas: content, presenter, lighting, audio and/or camerawork. Issues with any one can distract viewers and detract from your message.

26.09.2014 17:34

How to get the money to make funny Internet videos

So you want to produce and distribute your own funny Internet videos. Where are you going to get the money? Check out this great article from - The Economics of Internet Comedy Videos

24.09.2014 15:27

Frogs watching worms on SmartPhone - now we know why viral video works

Read this great article from AV Club. Video of frogs watching video of worms provides key to understanding viral media. Dogs, cats, turtle., etc

23.09.2014 15:33

Video Timecode versus Video - GenlockSync

Are you shooting multi-camera video? Editing together various cameras video of the same scene? Terms like “sync” and “timecode” are often used interchangeably, and the fact that timecode can be used to sync devices only compounds this confusion. Sync (genlock) is like a beat that calls out when a field (as well as a line with tri-level) occurs, while timecode indexes each frame (or the equivalent period of time for an audio recorder) so that it can be identified in uniquely post.

23.09.2014 15:22

Hyper++Drive wireless Camera Transmitter

Take a look at the new iUSBportCAMERA2 from Hyper++Drive, a compact device that adds or expands the Wi-Fi remote control functions of your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera. You can now control your DSLR camera and shoot video from a distance. Real time live view image and remote control of the camera's focus, shutter release, and other settings. With touchscreen smartphones and tablets, touch-to-focus control permits exacting placement of focus anywhere within the scene and manual focus with zoom and focus stacking functions are also available.

18.09.2014 21:45

How fast should your talent speak in a business video?

How fast should your talent speak in a business video? 160 words – 160 words a minute is the “magic” number of words for what communications experts call “Highly Intelligible Speech”.

17.09.2014 16:32

Is Your Viral Video Contagious?

Is Your Viral Video Contagious? How to create a business video that goes viral?

16.09.2014 13:57

How to make a great corporate video.

What Makes the Best Corporate Videos? Its All About the Audience and the Concept

15.09.2014 12:20

Sony XDCAM PXW-FS7 4K Super 35 Professional Camcorder

Spotlight on the new Sony XDCAM PXW-FS7 4K Super 35 Professional Camcorder. Sony expects the FS7 to be available in mid-October, either as a body-only or packaged with the new E-Mount 28-135mm f/4 servo zoom lens.

11.09.2014 16:44

Be Smarter about Smartphone Video - The Basics

Be Smarter about Smartphone Video - The Basics - Sometimes you cannot find or budget for a professional videographer with real equipment. If you must shoot video with a smartphone, here are some basic tips:

11.09.2014 13:41

09.09.2014 12:44

Capture action with Sony Action Cam and Video Monitor Watch

Sony's latest addition to the Action Cam lines takes many of the features from the flagship HDR-AS100V model and puts them in an even smaller body, just 1 x 1.4 x 2.9" in size. The most notable feature is the professional 50 Mbps XAVC S codec, which can be recorded at up to 60 fps. The camera is inherently splash resistant, and includes a 16' underwater housing for shallow submersion or using around waves. A bundled version is offered, the HDR-AZ1VR, which includes the RM-LVR2V Live View Remote Control Watch. The watch features a similar water resistance to the camera and is equipped with a built-in screen, plus controls, to operate the camera remotely

26.08.2014 19:57

History of Camcorders - From Portapaks to HandyCams

Modern camcorders are tiny, compact and can be operated with a single hand. Even your phone can now record good quality video. However, just a few decades ago, portable video recording gear was large, clumsy and expensive. And the video wasn't all that good either!

21.08.2014 17:48

Six Basic Rules of Video Production

6 Stunningly Simple Ways To De-Stress Your Video Shoot - Ever feel like you're running around like a headless chicken on your video shoot? Well, it may be good exercise but good for the soul it ain't. Here's 6 simple ways you can de-stress your shoot and put those running shoes in the closet for good!

19.08.2014 15:30

Get a Drone Copter Video Platform - Copter and camera for just $90

The Swann QuadForce improves on the traditional helicopter design by using four rotors for enhanced maneuverability. This means it can fly with equal agility in any direction, and can―in the hands of a skilled pilot―even perform barrel rolls and aerial tricks. The on-board 720p camera lets you capture all of the action to a microSD card.

04.08.2014 15:32

7 Tips For Improving The Quality of The Audio In Your Videos

One of the most overlooked aspects of video production is good audio. Good audio is a critical factor in a great video

03.08.2014 18:00

Check out the New Sony PXW-X70 XDCAM 4K-Ready Compact Camcorder

The new PXW-X70 features a 1” type sensor which is eight times larger than the 1/3” size usually found in this kind of camera. The design of the sensor moves the photodiodes above the control circuitry, providing better low-light performance with noticeably less noise. 1080 HD video using a variety of codecs, at 4:2:2 10-bit, is planned for an upgrade that allows it to shoot UHD 4K, so you get a compact HD camcorder now, that can be upgraded to 4K in the future without having to buy a new camera, something to consider as 4K production becomes more and more common.

30.07.2014 18:07

Importance of Slating for Video Production

Slating is a valuable production step that can save you time and frustration in editing, and the time and attention paid to proper slating technique can help bring order to the chaos of your production. The primary purpose of slating is to identify individual takes, so that every time the camera starts and stops, the editor has an ID tag for the footage

30.07.2014 11:28

Google and Video Search - Improve your SEO

Video Rich Snippets: What’s Happened & Where Did They Go? Over the past few days it seems there’s been a change to how Google shows video results. There’s been a significant drop in the number of rich snippets shown in the SERPS. Just take a look at the numbers from MozCast: