Adobe LightRoom4 Review and Evaluation

08.06.2013 16:07


Adobe LightRoom4

courtesy B&H PhotoVideo

The folks at Adobe seldom disappoint us when it comes to product updates, and Adobe’s Lightroom 4 is no exception. Already considered part and parcel of the digital workflow process of serious shooters at all levels of the photographic hierarchy, Lightroom 4 brings a number of noteworthy features to the party.

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The original premise of Lightroom was its being an extension of Adobe Photoshop, which has been and continues to be the "iPod" (or iPad, your choice) of photo-editing software. Compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms, Adobe Lightroom largely serves as the "organizer" to Photoshop’s "editor" when it comes to digital workflow. In addition to the many organizational, display and photo-sharing features found in previous versions of Lightroom, Lightroom 4 offers a number of organizational and nondestructive photo-tweaking tools of its own. Lightroom 4 gives you speed, efficiency and an easier workflow.

Included among Lightroom 4’s newest features are the following:

Highlight and Shadow Recovery

Sharpness and resolving power aside, the difference between a terrific photograph and an "eh" photograph often has to do with dynamic range, or in layman’s terms, highlight and shadow detail. Lightroom 4 contains enhanced tools for extending the dynamic range of your image files in order to bring out the maximum levels of detail from your photographs.


Photo Book Creation

Half the fun of taking pictures is sharing them with others. Here too Lightroom takes the ball and runs with it by enabling you to create books illustrated with your own photographs. With simple-to-use templates, creating a book requires little more than clicks of your mouse and a bit of imagination.

Additional enhancements and improvements over previous versions of Lightroom include the following:

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