StayblCam Launches Smartphone Video Stabilizer

11.03.2015 20:40

StayblCam Brings World's First True Smartphone Video Stabilizer to Market

Stayblcam review

The StayblCam delivers Hollywood-like smoothness and stability to home videos recorded on iPhones, smartphones, or action cameras as such as the GoPro.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, March 9, 2015 / -- Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year – reaching over 350% of its goal and securing more than $123,000 in funding – the StayblCam video stabilizer for iPhones, Androids, and action cameras is on its way to become a well-recognized brand among video enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

The StayblCam was created by Phoenix-based entrepreneur Eskil Nordhaug (CEO of StayblGear LLC), who wanted a better and easier way to improve the looks of mobile video. All across the world, people with easy access to mobile phone cameras create thousands of videos around the clock – but despite improvements in camera technology hardware and software, hand-held shakiness and jittering remains a big problem. From this need, the StayblCam was born. 

Hollywood-like video stability – a "smartphone Steadicam" for the masses

The collapsible device can be operated with one hand, and unlike traditional video stabilizers on the market – it does not require adjustments of nuts and bolts, or any installation of counterweights. Whereas most other stabilizers are built for advanced videographers with heavier cameras – the StayblCam was built for the average consumer. Ease of use, portability, and compatibility with almost any mobile phone on the market, are just some of the benefits that set the StayblCam apart from its competitors. 

Furthermore - the StayblCam’s patented, telescopic design allows for stable video recording down to ground level (for unique video angles of pets or small children) – all the way to 3 feet (1m) above operator’s head. Also patented is the company’s unique and universal, dual-slot mobile phone adapter that allows for quick and easy attachment of a mobile phone to the mount. The adapter itself can also be removed – exposing a standard ¼ inch tripod screw for use of any other compact camera. Thus, the product works just as well as an "iPhone Steadicam" as a GoPro video stabilizer.

As of February 2015, around 2000 StayblCam units have been shipped to more than 60 countries all over the world. Every initial StayblCam review has been very positive – with critics praising the device as a ‘game changer for consumer video’ and giving credit to its simplicity and affordable price.

StayblGear – the company behind the StayblCam – is working to secure distribution and sales channels in place for sale of the product on different continents. A range of upcoming addons and accessories to the device are also in the works – giving casual videographers everywhere even more ways to make their home videos look more professional. In the spring of 2015, StayblGear will team up with other video-based products and companies such as Giroptic 360 Cam, Lume Cube, Bridge Optix, VoiceCut, and Contour Cameras for a solid offering of consumer video products that go hand in hand with StayblCam’s vision.

Customer created videos posted online to YouTube and other blogs already showcase how the StayblCam improves handheld video with its weight-based vertical stabilization – fully controlled by the user’s hand and fingers.

The StayblCam is available to order via the company’s website (, and currently retails for $74.95 USD with free shipping within the US. The company also offers international shipping at a discounted rate.

About StayblGear & StayblCam
StayblGear LLC is based in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) and controlled by CEO and founder, Eskil Nordhaug. The StayblCam is the company’s first flagship product in a series of several upcoming products in the consumer video/photo product category. The StayblCam is made in the USA.




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