"Writing for Animation, Comics and Games"

09.06.2013 17:08


"Writing for Animation, Comics and Games" is a very good overall introduction to the business and creative aspects of breaking into these highly competitive media areas. If you want to make it big in Hollywood, of make it small in Silicon Valley, this is a great first book to start with. It covers the essentials of how to establish yourself, your skills and art, in a highly competitive, dog eat dog world.

It covers the basics of how to write a script, the how to pitch sections and how to become a success. I really liked the personal anecdotes and the history of how these businesses evolved.

It attempts to cover a lot of ground in its 200 some pages and as expected, leaves a lot of the nitty-gritty unsaid. However, if you or someone is interested in this field, this book is informative and an easy read to get you started.

Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games explains the practical aspects of creating scripts for animation, comics, graphic novels, and computer games. It details how you can create scripts that are in the right industry format, and follow the expected rules for you to put your best foot forward to help you break-in to the trade. This book explains approaches to writing for exterior storytelling (animation, games); interior/exterior storytelling (comics and graphic novels), as well as considerations for non-linear computer games in the shortest, pithiest, and most economical way. The author offers insider's advice on how you can present work as professional, how to meet deadlines, how visual writing differs from prose, and the art of collaboration.

* Career rules of-the-road for comics, computer games, and animation...from an insider's perspective
* Written for beginners and professionals alike
* Authored by a distinguished writer, whose credits include X-Men Evolution, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Lord of the Rings


About the Author
Based in Los Angeles, California.
Christy Marx is a writer, story editor, series developer, game designer, and interactive writer. Her many credits include: Babylon 5 and the Twilight Zone; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; He-Man; X-Men Evolution; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Lord of the Rings; Elfquest; and more.