Learn how to use Green Screen for Video Production

03.02.2015 10:18

The Green Screen Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques

by Jeff Foster

The Green Screen Handbook, Second Edition is a comprehensive how-to manual that walks you through the many integral techniques required in preproduction, production, and postproduction to use green screen effectively. Step-by-step instruction and time-saving tips cover matting and keying basics; lighting and digital camera essentials; setups using fabric, portable background panels, and paint; broadcast TV hardware switchers; professional HD and major motion picture compositing; multi-colored screen composites; directing storyboards and talent; working with virtual sets; motion tracking; and much more.

A companion website (www.focalpress.com/cw/foster) features downloadadble project files and streaming video tutorials. The paperback is priced at $53.95 on Amazon.com.



Additionally, this new edition has been updated to include: 

  • Coverage of the latest digital camera technologies, lighting gear, and compositing and editing software 
  • Advice on using apps for portable devices that will help you light and shoot better green screen 
  • Examples and case studies of real-world green screen and compositing projects in film and television productions 
  • An extensive companion website (www.focalpress.com/cw/foster) featuring downloadadble project files and streaming video tutorials 

You can’t afford to miss out! The Green Screen Handbook, Second Edition is a one-stop shop for all of your green screen solutions.




Jeff Foster has been producing traditional and digital images, animation, motion graphics, and visual effects for digital video and film for over 25 years. Some of his clients include Tribune Broadcasting, Deluxe Digital, Nestlé, USAF, FAA, FOX Television, Spike TV, Discovery/TLC, Universal Studios, and Disney. He has also written and contributed to several After Effects and Photoshop books, conducted training seminars, and been a featured speaker at several national conferences such as Macworld, Photoshop World, AdobeMAX, and NAB.




"This book has been my go-to source for many years before planning a green screen shoot. Jeff’s tips and tricks on lighting, background paint, material choices, codec choices, color space, and much more have helped me countless times. It’s a resource that I give to my own field staff as well as recommend to our Creative Cloud Pro Video customers for the best possible keying results in our Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC applications."

- David K. Helmly, Adobe Systems, Inc, Sr. Manager Strategic Development Pro Video/Audio Americas

"This book isn’t a safety net. It teaches you how to work without one. This is very, very good, because—in the fast-paced world of production—nets aren’t often provided. Unless you’re very good at bouncing, I strongly suggest you read this book."

- Art Adams, Director of Photography, ProVideoCoalition.com, DVInfo.net


Mattes and Compositing Defined; Digital Matting Methods and Tools; Basic Compositing Techniques; Simple Setups on a Budget; Green Screens in Live Broadcasts; How the Pros Do It; Choosing the Right Matting Process for Your Project; Proper Lighting Techniques; Matching Your Subjects to the Background; Digital Cameras and Camcorders; Storyboarding and Directing Your Talent; Interacting with the Background and Objects; Getting a Great Matte; Color Balancing the Subject and Background; Fixing Problem Green Screen Shots; Working with Virtual Sets; Complex Composites; Motion Tracking and Matchmoving