Get a Drone Copter Video Platform - Copter and camera for just $90

19.08.2014 15:30

The Swann QuadForce improves on the traditional helicopter design by using four rotors for enhanced maneuverability. This means it can fly with equal agility in any direction, and  can―in the hands of a skilled pilot―even perform barrel rolls and aerial tricks. The onboard 720p camera lets you capture all of the action to a microSD card. Coming mostly assembled, with a pre-bound transmitter (that's RC lingo for radio controller) included, theQuadForce is considered ready to fly. It features a wireless range of up to 300 feet when there is a clean line of sight, and can fly for about 8 minutes per charge. The flight battery can recharge from a USB port while the transmitter uses 4 AA batteries.

Get the QuadForce Video Drone Quadcopter with On-Board Camera for just $89.99

The QuadForce Video Drone Quadcopter with On-Board Camera from Swann features a four-rotor design for enhance maneuverability compared to conventional RC helicopters. A built-in lithium-polymer battery gives you around 8 minutes of flying time and charges in under an hour through USB. So you can relive your adventures and share them with friends, there is an on-board 720p camera that includes a 2GB microSD card.

Record Your Aerial Adventure
A built-in camera allows you to record 720p resolution video or snap 1280 x 720 stills during your flight. A 2GB microSD card is included, and the camera will accept cards up to 8GB maximum. A USB card reader is included, too, to help you transfer your footage once the Quadforce Video Drone returns to Earth
Symmetrical Quad-Rotor Design
Unlike conventional dual-rotor helicopters, It is possible to fly the Quadforce Video Drone at speed in any direction for much greater maneuverability
2.4 GHz Transmitter and Receiver System
Both the on-board receiver and included transmitter (hand-held radio controller) operate on the popular 2.4 GHz band, giving the Quadforce Video Drone a range of up to 330' line-of-sight
There is no assembly required and pre-bound radio controller is included. To get started simply add four AA batteries to the radio controller and charge the quadcopter using the USB cable for up to 50 minutes. Once charged, you will be up and away with up to 8 minutes aerial flying time per charge