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16.10.2014 18:05

Explainer Videos – Make Them as Viral as any Good Word of Mouth Story

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Recently, I saw a question online asking whether explainer videos were still effective. Now, I must say I am certainly biased towards this type of content because it explains a topic, service or product in just a minute or two. That quick answer to a reader’s question is invaluable. But to understand how explainer videos work and what makes them go viral, we need to talk about what explainer videos are and how the use of this type of content changes as the marketing plan for a company changes.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Essentially explainer videos are a tool to help explain or educate the reader in a clear and concise way. It is a way for your reader to understand a process or a product in just a few seconds. Basically, an efficient explainer video answers three questions for the viewer:

  1. What is the product or service?
  2. Why is it important to your reader?
  3. What action should the reader take?

From a marketing perspective a good explainer video needs to satisfy clear objectives and show where your reader fits in with your product.  In other words it should create awareness, educate and persuade.

But is that really enough to make an explainer video go viral?

Well, not necessarily. To go viral an explainer video doesn’t just have to be good, it has to be great.

O.K., so sit down and think for a minute:

What is it that makes your product or service great?

What makes it special to you?

That’s the passion, the feeling and the motivation you want to share. And you can only do that by telling your story; by doing something completely different from anyone else. Now depending on how good you are at telling your story, that’s how successful you’ll be at making a video that goes viral.

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