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18.06.2013 21:19

Top Ten Filmmaking Tips - Tips for Prosumer and Video Enthusiasts

How to make an internet video or film - ten great tips

18.06.2013 21:16

Latest inside scoop regarding 3D camcorders for professional video production

We look at the: Sony PMW-TD300, Sony HXR-NX3D1 Sony HDR-TD10 JVC GS-TD1 JVC GY-HMZ1U Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Panasonic AG-3DA1

18.06.2013 20:55


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 is a new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera which is the most compact of the LUMIX G family. The new 16.00–megapixel Live MOS Sensor achieves both high-resolution and high sensitivity image and video recording. The Venus Engine was also newly developed for the GF6 to attain both high-performance signal processing and noise reduction, achieving a maximum ISO 25,600 (Extended) making the most of the new sensor.  

14.06.2013 18:50

PadCaster - Perfect for Capturing Video using your Apple iPad 2, 3 or 4

The Padcaster is a very clever device that makes it easier to capture high quality video and audio with your iPad. Holding an iPad straight out with your arms is a trying task - it is very difficult to keep the iPad at the right angle - it is even more difficult to keep it steady. A cool device like the PadCaster makes it much more convenient. Even better, by using the Padcaster, you can connect a variety of accessories to your iPad and even lock it down onto a tripod or other types of camera support systems.

14.06.2013 18:13

Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder Body - Large sensor Camera Designed to Capture Video

The EOS C300 features an EF mount for compatibility not only with Canon's existing broad range of DSLR lenses, but also with the burgeoning line of EF Cinema Zoom and Prime lenses. These lenses are designed to match up perfectly with the 3-perf Super 35mm-size CMOS sensor that Canon developed for this camera. Like the camcorder, these lenses (sold separately) were developed specifically for digital cinema, with engraved markings on angled surfaces in meters and feet and uniform front diameters for easy lens switching without having to reconfigure a matte box or follow focus gearing.

14.06.2013 18:03

What Equipment Do You Really Need to Get Started Making Video Movies? The Inside Scoop for Filmmaking Students

Your first day of film school is right around the corner and maybe you’re already thinking about what kind of gear you’ll need to make the most of it. Sure, you’ll most likely get access to a lot of great equipment through your film school, but what if you want to practice framing a shot, lighting an interview subject or capturing sound on your own? After all, it’s your passion and inspiration that brought you to film school, so it makes sense that you’ll want to work on a project outside class or during one of your term breaks.

14.06.2013 16:47

Video Production Rates: The Variables and Associated Cost Factors of Video Production by Dane Frederiksen, Digital Accomplice

Video Production rates range wildly. In the age of video everywhere, we have all become more accustomed to watching & sharing online video. But by lowering the bar to entry, we have raised the bar for engagement. With a sea of content available, it’s more important than ever to try and stand out, or you risk getting lost in the background noise. It’s for these reasons that I feel that video production rates need to be more clarified for any company considering video content creation for their business goals .

14.06.2013 16:38

The Sony XDCAM PMW-200 HD422 Camcorder - What do pro shooters need to know?

The PMW-200 camera strikes a balance between the compact, lightweight form-factor of the PMW-100, and the image quality of its larger, shoulder mounted brethren. The key to PMW-200’s superior image quality are its three newly developed ½-inch Exmor CMOS sensors, a configuration which enhances resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio.

13.06.2013 16:37

Are you looking to improve the quality of video captured by your camcorder? Maybe you need a professional portable video recorder?

Are you looking to improve the quality of video captured by your camcorder? Maybe you need a professional portable video recorder? Check out these reviews - Convergent Design Gemini Review and the nanoFlash Video Recorder Review

09.06.2013 21:58

21 Ways to Jumpstart Your Story By Neil Landau

21 Ways to Jumpstart Your Story By Neil Landau Excerpted from The Screenwriter’s Roadmap: Screenwriters always want to be finished, to get the script just right and reach their intended destination: The End. But what’s the best way to get there?  I originally created these “21 Questions To Keep You On Track” as a handout in my screenwriting classes at UCLA to help demystify the basics of screenplay structure and character development with a step-by-step approach.

09.06.2013 21:50

How to write a movie What is more important? Plot or Character

Character Driven vs. Plot Driven. excerpted from Screenwriter's Compass: Character as True North by Guy Gallo, Focal Press You will often hear films described as either character–driven or plot–driven. I think this is a false dichotomy. All films are character driven. All films have plot. These labels tell something, it’s true, about emphasis. And, for the most part, it’s become something of a commonplace that smaller, independent films are more character–driven, and larger “tent pole” films are more plot–driven.

09.06.2013 16:56

How to Create a YouTube Hit Video How to get a big audience for your YouTube Video and how to Make it Go Viral

How to Create a YouTube Hit Video How to get a big audience for your YouTube Video and how to Make it Go Viral excerpted from the new book Stand-Out Shorts: Shooting and Sharing Your Films Online by Russ Evans

02.06.2013 16:36

How will the Video and Broadcast Industry Survive the Onslaught of Many Screens, Of Internet Video?

Did you go to NAB? Was it worth your time and expense? Most meaningful conventions can't be covered in one shot.  NAB is certainly no exception, especially this year when the industry is struggling to get people all the content they demand on all the devices they use and still monitize all their investment, their work.  It was drama on the screen, on the stage, on the show floor.  People are watching more of the content on all of their screens.  Doesn't matter if it's available on the huge HD set in the family room they'll watch it somewhere else in the house or watch a different show on their device while they're watching the big screen.  But the goal for industry players is the same regardless of what, when, where you watch it.  Making money...that's getting trickier.

02.06.2013 16:32

Adobe Anywhere Launches at NAB 2013

ches at NAB 2013 Global Collaborative Workflow Platform Revolutionizes Broadcast Industry

02.06.2013 16:30

New Canon Camcorders: the XA25/XA20 and VIXIA HF G30

Canon has recently announced three new camcorders. The Canon XA25 and XA20 are ultra-compact, professional camcorders designed for run-and-gun videography and ENG. They feature a 20x zoom lens, built-in Wi-Fi, wireless FTP transfer and dual SD card slots to support a variety of recording modes. The VIXIA HF G30 is a high-end, consumer-level camcorder with dual SDXC card slots, MP4 and AVCHD recording, and Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization.

02.06.2013 16:28

How and Why to Use Online Video to Create Business Frequently Asked Questions

Almost every business with a web site has a FAQ section - frequently asked questions. Almost smart business person knows that online video is the most powerful marketing and SEO strategy available. So why not put them together?

02.06.2013 16:26

 YouTube now allows you to easily blur faces on your Internet videos

It has always been possible to blur faces on videos in order to provide privacy and/or security or to comply with legal directives. However, depending on the video, it wasn't easy. You could use a sophisticated video editing program like Adobe Première or Final Cut Pro to isolate and blur a face. It wasn't simple - especially if there was a lot of movement in the video. YouTube has now made it easy to easily & automatically blur faces on videos uploaded to the YouTube site. However, it is not perfect. Sometimes it works - sometimes not. You don't get to pick which faces get blurred. The software tries to identify, isolate and blur all the faces. See the BLUE warning below within the blog entry from YouTube.

02.06.2013 16:24

Guillermo Del Toro Interview on How To Direct Film

Guillermo Del Toro - Interview on How To Direct Film

02.06.2013 16:20

From Flash-matic to ZigBee RF4CE

From Flash-matic to ZigBee RF4CE – we honor the memory of Mr. Eugene Polley, the developer of the first wireless TV remote control

02.06.2013 16:15

GoPro HD HERO2 Surf Edition Perfect for shooting video from a surfboard or while scuba diving

Are you a surfer who wants to shoot HD video from a camcorder attached to your surfboard? Check out the new and improved GoPro HD Hero2 Surf Edition Designed for Surf Board Recording