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25.06.2014 19:50



How to make money and improve your branding on the web. Promote yourself by participating in online video contests and competitions.

June 25, 2014 - San Diego, CA 

Online Video Contests Weekly Update
AD 'Don't Plagiarize Me, Bro!'
Video Contest

Project ED needs your help to create a short film (90 seconds or less) that conveys the definition of 'plagiarism'. Earn up to $1000 for teaching students to make the right choices when it comes to giving credit where credit is due! Due: July 14

This Week's New Contests
Bob Marley 'One Love' Music Video Project
Bring people together with a music video for 'One Love'.
Due 09/01/14 | Prize: $11,500 + year supply of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
'Globetrotters' Vocab Video Contest
Travel-lovers, teach one of nine worldly words.
Due 07/21/14 | Cash: $1,000
Apogee 'The Star-Spangled Jammer' Video Contest
Musicians, perform your version of 'The Star Spangled Banner'.
Due 07/06/14 | Prize: An Apogee JAM
John Martin 'Anywhere For You' Music Video Contest
Make a music video for this epic dance track.
Due 08/05/14 | Cash: $4,200
Mackie 'Show Us Your Moves' Video Contest
Bust a move to win some serious speakers.
Due 07/15/14 | Prize: Mackie's FULL Thump System
Kidsave "We Are Family' Video Project
Tell a story about the special relationship between kids & parents.
Due 08/09/14 | Cash: $9,500
Sharity Branding Video Project
Pitch to create a branding video for Sharity.
Due 07/10/14 | Cash: $2,500
Timber Tops 'Best Vacation Ever' Video Contest
Share your most memorable trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.
Due 07/06/14 | Prize: Free 2-night stay with Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals
PayPal 'People Rule' Video Assignment
Get people to think about PayPal in a new way.
Due 07/20/14 | Cash: $5,000
GMA '5-Alarm Firefighters' Contest
Good Morning America wants to see firefighters in action.
Due 07/04/14 | Trip: Trip to appear on Good Morning America + $10,000
2014 Hormel Black Label Bacon Video Assignment
Celebrate bacon + be a part of the Black Label Bacon Film Festival.
Due 08/04/14 | Cash: $10,000
'Songs to Make the Desert Bear Fruit' Contest
Read the book, then share your thoughts.
Due 12/21/14 | Prize: Apple MacBook Air
'Lots of Laughs' Vocab Video Contest
Teaching a funny word in 60 seconds is no laughing matter!
Due 07/07/14 | Cash: $1,000
Tetes Brulees Video Project
Make a spot for the sweet that will blow your head away.
Due 07/20/14 | Cash: $6,800
LG Studio 'My Kitchen Needs Nate' Video Contest
Why does your kitchen deserve an LG makeover?
Due 07/31/14 | Prize: $30,000 LG Studio kitchen makeover
Eniracing 'Your Bike, Your Passion' Video Project
Share your passion for motorbikes.
Due 07/02/14 | Cash: $6,800
CATAAlliance '1 Change for the Better' Contest
What is your 1 Change for the Better? 
Due 05/01/15 | Cash: $2,000
Poptent 'International Demo Reel - Jun' Assignment
Poptent is looking for YOU, the international filmmaker!
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $500
GoPro Creator's Challenge
Show what makes GoPro the "World's Most Versatile Camera."
Due 07/11/14 | Cash: $5,000
'Stories of our Heroes/Sheroes' Video Contest
A contest from The National Association of Black Storytellers.
Due 09/21/14 | Cash: $300
White Castle '#CraveMobile' Contest
Prove your devotion to White Castle.
Due 07/31/14 | Prize: A White Castle Crave Mobile Sliderbration Party
Alabama Gulf Coast Adventure Video Contest
Why should you win an Alabama beach vacation?
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: $1700 Alabama Gulf Coast vacation prize pack
F Cancer Video Contest
HS students, show the world your talent and make a difference.
Due 08/01/14 | Prize: Exposure
Slickdeals Video Contest
Share your love for Slickdeals.
Due 06/27/14 | Cash: $500
'Celebrate Australian Diversity' Video Project
Promote Australia's cultural richness.
Due 08/01/14 | Cash: $5,000
Stuff that's almost due! Hurry Up!
Bud Light 'Up for Whatever' Pilot Project
Due 06/25/14 | Cash: $24,500
NBC Sports 'Celebrate Stanley' Fan Video Contest
Due 06/25/14 | Prize: NHL jersey of your choice
Highmark 'Redefining "Senior"' Video Project
Due 06/25/14 | Cash: $16,500
Tostitos Dip-etizers Video Project
Due 06/25/14 | Cash: $25,000
Zest Body Wash Video Contest
Due 06/26/14 | Cash: $16,000
PLURAL+ 2014 Youth Video Festival
Due 06/27/14 | Trip: Trip to NYC + $1000
NYTVF's 10th Annual Independent Pilot Competition
Due 06/27/14 | Prize: $45,000 award from Lionsgate + Channel 4
Oral-B Pro-Expert 'The Smart Toothpaste' Project
Due 06/27/14 | Cash: $19,500
'Devil Dogs of Comedy' Video Contest 
Due 06/27/14 | Prize: $5000 towards unit funds + more
Everfree Northwest PMV and Pony Video Contest
Due 06/27/14 | Prize: A commission piece of art from Dana Simpson
Slickdeals Video Contest
Due 06/27/14 | Cash: $500
Blue Jeans 'Meeting Moment' Video Contest
Due 06/28/14 | Cash: $1,000
Oral-B Pro-Expert Video Contest
Due 06/29/14 | Cash: $13,500
Adventure Cycling 2014 Bicycle Travel Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: $500 gift certificate to the Cyclosource store
Joey's 'Show Us Your Wild Side' Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: GoPro HERO 3+ Black
'I Love SkyMall' Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: Sony Entertainment Package ($6500+ value)
Great American Optician Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $3,500
iHive3D Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: An Infinity3D Printer
Freedrama Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: Production budget to create a short film
ULocaliZ Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: 500 euro
'Ultimate Epiphone' Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: Masterbilt DR-500MCE acoustic/electric guitar
The MatchMade Scholarship Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: $50,000 Scholarship + more
Language Addicts May/June 2014 Video Competition
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $150
'Your Kurgo Adventure' Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $2,000
Poptent 'International Demo Reel - Jun' Assignment
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $500
Poptent 'Reel of the Month Jun 2014' Assignment
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $250
Vaavud Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: DJI Phantom 2 drone + more
DQ S'mores Music Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $10,000
'As Our Stomach Turns' Film Fight
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: Fame, glory, bragging rights!
'What's Your Position?' Vocab GIF Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $200
Num Num June 2014 Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Cash: $150
'5 Card Cash Sing-off' Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: $50 in WI Lottery instant scratch tickets
The Wells Fargo Works Project
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: $25,000 for your small business
ALLEX 'Show Us Your Moves' Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: ALLEX S Kit + H
NBC Playground Comedy Development Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: Development deal with NBC
Alabama Gulf Coast Adventure Video Contest
Due 06/30/14 | Prize: $1700 Alabama Gulf Coast vacation prize pack
Sundance Institute Short Film Challenge
Due 07/01/14 | Trip: Trip to the 2015 Sundance Film Festival + $10,000
2014 Intellectual Property Video Contest
Due 07/01/14 | Cash: $5,000
Sessy Music Video Contest
Due 07/01/14 | Cash: $300
Lindsay Olives 'Fun and Flavor' Video Contest
Due 07/01/14 | Cash: $10,000
Herff Jones 'Share Your Story' Video Contest
Due 07/01/14 | Prize: iPad Mini
EntirelyPets 'Cutest Pet' Video Contest
Due 07/01/14 | Prize: $300 shopping spree on EntirelyPets
Eniracing 'Your Bike, Your Passion' Video Project
Due 07/02/14 | Cash: $6,800
PlayStation 'My Road to Greatness' Contest
Due 07/04/14 | Prize: $900 PlayStation prize pack
GMA '5-Alarm Firefighters' Contest
Due 07/04/14 | Trip: Trip to appear on Good Morning America + $10,000
Copart 'Ready Set Rebuild!' Video Challenge
Due 07/06/14 | Cash: $10,000
Dark Horse Pros 'On the Edge' Video Contest
Due 07/06/14 | Cash: $3,000
#ZumbaDare Shakira Choreography Video Contest
Due 07/06/14 | Trip: Trip to Miami
Timber Tops 'Best Vacation Ever' Video Contest
Due 07/06/14 | Prize: Free 2-night stay with Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals
Apogee 'The Star-Spangled Jammer' Video Contest
Due 07/06/14 | Prize: An Apogee JAM
South Coast Winery Video Contest
Due 07/07/14 | Prize: The Ultimate Wine Country Weekend Getaway
John Frieda 'Your Best Beach Blonde' Video Project
Due 07/07/14 | Cash: $22,500

Over The Nation 'Guitar Solo' Video Challenge
Due 07/07/14 | Cash: $100