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27.08.2014 12:03


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This Week's New Contests
'So Annoying' Vocab Video Contest
These words may be annoying, but your video shouldn't be.
Due 10/06/14 | Cash: $1,000
'Back to Square One' Film Fight
Make a short about new beginnings.
Due 09/21/14 | Prize: Fame, glory, bragging rights!
Ricola 'Get A Little Boost' Video Project
Pitch to be one of two creators to make a quirky Ricola spot.
Due 09/02/14 | Cash: $19,000
Million Dollar Maze Runner Video Contest
Plead your case to appear on MTV's newest game show.
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: Compete on MTV's Million Dollar Maze Runner for $1 Million
'Smile with Smule' Video Contest
Show how you use Smule apps in your every day life.
Due 09/28/14 | Trip: Trip for 2 to SF/NYC to star in the next Smule video
'The Room Haiku' Film Fight
This video contest is tearing me apart!
Due 09/07/14 | Prize: Fame, glory, bragging rights!
Over The Nation 'Maximum Push Up' Video Challenge
How fit are you?
Due 09/18/14 | Cash: $100
Macy's $50,000 All-School Lip Dub Challenge
Rally your school to create a lip dub.
Due 10/10/14 | Prize: $25,000 for your school
Over The Nation 'Most Creative Parody' Challenge
Create a parody music video.
Due 09/18/14 | Cash: $100
Lenovo 'Team Up With Timbaland' Song Contest
Are you a singer/songwriter/beat-maker?
Due 09/28/14 | Trip: Trip to Miami to record with Timbaland Video Contest
Create a demo for a virtual 3D store/gallery. 
Due 09/07/14 | Cash: $150
Rexona Video Contest
Inspire people to do more and get better at what they love to do.
Due 09/28/14 | Cash: $13,000
'America Cooks with Chefs' Video Challenge
Learn healthy cooking recipes from James Beard Award-winning chefs.
Due 09/03/14 | Trip: 2 trips to cook with celebrity chefs
'POV - Sports' Vimeo Weekend Challenge
Capture a sport or any sort of movement from a unique point of view.
Due 08/26/14 | Prize: Vimeo Plus account
Merci Chef Awards Video Project
Promote Merci Chef's upcoming recipe competition.
Due 09/18/14 | Cash: $6,600
HP DataPass Vine Video Project
HP wants your fun Vine Videos promoting DataPass. 
Due 10/01/14 | Cash: $2,000
Underworld 'Dark & Long' Music Video Contest
Give in to your 'dark' side by making a music vid for Underworld.
Due 09/25/14 | Cash: $5,000
Europass 2014 Viral Video Competition
Live in Europe? Promote Europass.
Due 11/30/14 | Prize: Trip to the European city of your choice
Stuff that's almost due! Hurry Up!
Kidsave 'We Are Family' Video Project
Due 08/27/14 | Cash: $9,500
Over The Nation 'Onion Eating' Video Challenge
Due 08/27/14 | Cash: $100
Over The Nation 'Single Trick Shot' Challenge
Due 08/27/14 | Cash: $100
McCormick 'American Homemade Holiday' Assignment
Due 08/28/14 | Cash: $12,000
Project Green Challenge 2014 Video Contest
Due 08/28/14 | Prize: $100 Whole Foods gift card + more
Preferred Center '2014 Summer Scene' Video Contest
Due 08/29/14 | Cash: $500
eSmallBusinessLoan '#WhoGivesAFund' Video Contest
Due 08/29/14 | Trip: 3-day Caribbean cruise for 2
On Location: The Los Angeles Video Project
Due 08/29/14 | Prize: $40,000 Production Prize Package + $1,000 cash
Tongal Success Stories 2014 Edition Video Project
Due 08/29/14 | Cash: $2,500
Birds & Blooms 'Outdoor Animal' Video Contest
Due 08/29/14 | Cash: $1,000
NMEDA 'Play It Forward' Video Contest
Due 08/30/14 | Cash: $500
Hickory Dickory Decks 'Dream Deck' Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: New $7500 deck
Ferring Fertility 'Heart to Heart' 2014 Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: $10,000 educational fund for your child
Budsies Before-and-After Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $500
'Exposed Eligible?' Angling Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Trip: Trip to film with Tim Horton
Crevideo Movie Trailer Awards
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $270
Jamba Juice 'Blend in the Good' Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Trip: Trip to NYC, LA or San Francisco
'Win Your Dream Wedding' Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: $20,000 wedding at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Tetes Brulees Video Project
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $6,800
Yugster Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $1,000
Choctál's Most Delicious Video Contest Ever
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $4,500
Gibson Brands 'Win A Studio' Jul/Aug Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: $4800 in studio equipment
Global Dialogues Jul/Aug 2014 Video Challenge
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $1,000
Jee Juh's Summer 2014 Rap Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $3,000
Let's Make a Movie 2014 Filmmaking Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: Financing for your film + more
Num Num August 2014 Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $150
Cute Kids & Pets Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: $100 Toys "R" Us gift card
TripAdvisor '15 Seconds of Fame' Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $25,000
Magisto 'Outside Lands' Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: VIP tickets to 2015 Outside Lands
PAPAGO! Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: $400 gift card + GoSafe 200 dashcam
Poptent 'International Demo Reel - Aug' Assignment
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $500
Poptent 'Reel of the Month Aug 2014' Assignment
Due 08/31/14 | Cash: $250
Million Dollar Maze Runner Video Contest
Due 08/31/14 | Prize: Compete on MTV's Million Dollar Maze Runner for $1 Million
'Land: Quality of Life' Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Prize: 2-night stay + tix to the European Land Stewardship Congress
2014 'Lights! Camera! Pour!' Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Prize: Tickets to Wine Spectator's Wine Experience in NYC
Morrell Targets 2nd Annual Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Prize: $650 Morrell Targets prize pack
Sebastien Tellier Music Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Cash: $3,000
SK-II Pitera Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Cash: $16,000
Sensodyne Repair and Protect Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Cash: $10,000
Menicon 'Miru 1day Flat Pack' Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Cash: $6,700
WaveRunner Ball 2014 Summer Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Prize: $1,776 + a GoPro
Saint Arnold Brewing Company Video Contest
Due 09/01/14 | Prize: Tickets to four Saint Arnold events
Intercontinental Hotels 'Reel Summer' Contest
Due 09/02/14 | Trip: Trip to NYC or LA
AT&T U-verse 'Internet & TV Your Way' Contest
Due 09/02/14 | Cash: $10,000
Ricola 'Get A Little Boost' Video Project
Due 09/02/14 | Cash: $19,000
Staples '#MakeRoarHappen with Katy Perry' Contest
Due 09/03/14 | Trip: Trip to LA to see Katy Perry in concert
Island Press 'Why Restore?' 2014 Video Contest
Due 09/03/14 | Prize: $750 grant to attend the SER Northwest/Great Basin Joint Conference
'America Cooks with Chefs' Video Challenge
Due 09/03/14 | Trip: 2 trips to cook with celebrity chefs
Kikkoman 'Teriyaki Marinade Serenade' Contest
Due 09/04/14 | Cash: $7,000
London 2014: Aerogard Video Contest
Due 09/05/14 | Cash: $8,000
all 'Summer Fun' Video Contest
Due 09/05/14 | Prize: $1000 Toys R Us gift card
CEATL 'Portraits of Literary Translators' Contest
Due 09/07/14 | Cash: $1,350
Maine Media Workshops 'Character' Film Competition
Due 09/07/14 | Cash: $1,000
Florida Space Coast '#ineedmyspace' Video Contest 
Due 09/07/14 | Trip: Trip to the Kennedy Space Center!
'Why I Care About Wind Energy' Video Contest
Due 09/07/14 | Cash: $1,000
Sharp 'The Art of Amazing' 2014 4K Film Contest
Due 09/07/14 | Prize: Sharp 70" AQUOS 4K TV, 6K SCARLET-X RED DRAGON + more
'The Room Haiku' Film Fight
Due 09/07/14 | Prize: Fame, glory, bragging rights! Video Contest
Due 09/07/14 | Cash: $150
Africa Safari 2014: Arla Video Contest
Due 09/08/14 | Cash: $8,000
SCA 'Awe-Inspiring Women' Video Contest
Due 09/08/14 | Cash: $10,000
CyberLink 'I Love Travel' Video Contest
Due 09/08/14 | Prize: DJI Phantom 2 + more
AT&T Business Circle 'Business Stories' Contest
Due 09/08/14 | Cash: $10,000
New York 2014: TATA Communications Video Contest