Firtiva: Watch Videos for Free Without Interruption

27.10.2014 16:14

Firtiva: Watch Videos for Free Without Interruption

Patented System Gives a Win-Win-Win to Viewers, Sponsors, and Content Providers


CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2014) - The Firtiva video-on-demand website is officially going live on Halloween. To celebrate, watch scary Halloween movies includingNight of the Living DeadAttack of the Giant LeechesThe Brain That Wouldn't Die, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. All for free.

Firtiva is a Silicon Valley startup with a patented system for broadcasting content of any kind without commercial interruption. You can view content for free and never see commercials, popups, or banner ads. Instead, companies pay to sponsor content, and content producers share the revenue, whether they're large corporate studios, independent filmmakers, or individuals. In return for watching anything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to cute cat videos, viewers agree to receive special offers from companies they like for products they want. A viewer gives profile information to Firtiva and allows Firtiva to track viewing habits. This information is used to select emails and/or text messages for great offers on products that the viewer already wants.

Say, for example, that you tell Firtiva that you have two cats. Firtiva notices that you watch a lot of animal shows. Right now you're watching the movie The Big Cat at your friend's house. Firtiva might send you an email with a coupon for 20% off cat food at Cats R Us down the street, good for an hour after the movie ends. Sponsors pay for this highly targeted information.

"I realized there was a war being fought between content providers and sponsors," says founder, filmmaker, and entrepreneur Bob Zeidman. "The war was being fought with technology and with litigation. Every time a technology or legal challenge forced viewers to watch commercials or pop-up ads, along came a new technology to eliminate them. I created a solution that will end the war and make everyone happy. Plus, I hate sitting through ads for things I'll never buy like feminine hygiene products, rap albums, or any Will Ferrell movie."

You can register at the website and start watching now.

About Firtiva Corporation
Firtiva, located in Silicon Valley, has created a fundamentally new, patented approach for sponsoring media content without commercials. It's a win-win-win situation for broadcasters, sponsors, and consumers.

Firtiva is a trademark of Firtiva Corporation.






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