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18.01.2015 13:18

A down-on-his-luck treasure hunter finds a cursed Samurai sword washed up on a California beach.

 Hollywood, California
January 18, 2015 



There are some things better left untouched...

In 2011, a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami that devastated Fukushima, Japan and sent hundreds of tons of debris into the Pacific Ocean. Years later, random Japanese objects continue to wash ashore on North American beaches -- from boats to motorcycles, mannequin heads to religious artifacts -- you name it.

DEBRIS is a short horror film about Royce, a down-on-his-luck treasure hunter who unearths a mysterious box that has washed ashore a California beach. He brings it home, not realizing it contains something inherently evil -- a cursed Samurai sword that could destroy him and everyone he loves... 





Hi there! I'm Nicole Jones-Dion, an indie filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. I'm primarily known as a horror writer (yep, a girl who writes spooky weird stuff!). Two of my feature films (DRACULA - THE DARK PRINCE and TEKKEN 2 - KAZUYA'S REVENGE) were distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. I have projects currently in development with Sean S. Cunningham (creator of FRIDAY THE 13TH), and the SyFy Channel. 

This past year, I've been branching out into directing -- over the summer, I co-directed a short thriller called DEVIL'S DEAL that will be released in 2015. Now I'm ready to tackle my next project, DEBRIS.

In DEBRIS, I wanted to explore the question of "what would be the weirdest / coolest / most dangerous thing that could wash ashore?" I researched Japanese mythology and folklore and found wonderfully creepy stories of cursed objects that are quite famous in Japan but not as well known in the US. The result is an East-meets-West horror story, a mind-bending cautionary tale of the dangers of looking for riches among someone else's misery.  

We have partial financing for DEBRIS and have assembled an amazing cast and crew. Now we just need your help push it over the top and bring DEBRIS to life! 

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