VidiGo launches next step in virtualized workflows for live TV production

27.03.2015 16:30

VidiGo makes next step in virualized workflows for live TV production

Amsterdam, March 26, 2015  - VidiGo announced today that they are launching the VidiGo Control Center (‘VCC’) at NAB 2015. The VCC is a fully web-based control server for VidiGo’s live production workflows. The VCC is VidiGo’s next step towards virtual live TV production.

VidiGo is known for its innovative 100% software based live production workflows. The VCC is built on the existing VidiGo API for external control applications. Uniquely this API provides a very deep level of control for every aspect of the software. The API is already being used in many places to add a very high level of automation to the production chain for news, current affairs, sports and entertainment programs. 

The VCC brings this API to the web. Use Ipad’s, Android devices or any computer running a standard web-browser to take control. The VCC completely separates control from the actual VidiGo Servers. This provides the possibility to truly virtualize (parts) of the workflow, tailor the level of automation and create the perfect mix between manual and automated operations.

Although automation is the key word, we believe that successful automation has to go hand-in-hand with easy-to-use manual control. The best intuitive workflows provide people the choice between manual and automated production at all time. “I do not believe in ‘black-box’ all-in-one systems that force their ways on users. Open protocols based on widely adopted web technology like HTTP allow for extreme flexibility and future proof investments” Said Peter IJkhout CTO of VidiGo.

A big advantage of the VCC is that it allows TV producers to really customize their own workflow. Users can choose from the complete spectrum, From a fully automated, one single-operator or a more traditional set-up with the complete traditional crew and effectively switch between them based on demand. Whatever the format requires VidiGo provides the best possible mix between manual and automated workflows.

The web-based API's can be used with standard HTML and/or Javascript to build both manual interfaces and automation modules that can run anywhere inside a web-browser as if you were visiting a webpage. Anywhere and on any device.

Peter IJkhout, CTO: "the true genius is in the fact that it uses standard URL's to communicate, this way any web-designer can build control modules. The possibilities are endless, allow true remote control (from anywhere), build specialized control panels fitting very specific workflow requirements, all this without having to hire a very expensive IT specialist"

About VidiGo
VidiGo is market leader in software and IT-based solutions for live TV production. The company’s mission is to create the most intuitive and efficient IT solutions for the new generation TV producers.

VidiGo’s solutions are defining the future of broadcast. In 2006 VidiGo foresaw the shift to IT & IP based solutions in the broadcast industry and since then VidiGo has provided its users with easy-to-use and open solutions, allowing them to work more efficiently and to create compelling live TV at lower costs.

The company’s clients are industry leading broadcasters, commercial & public radio stations, sports arenas and video production houses all around the globe. Professional partners in over 40 countries sell VidiGo’s solutions.

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