Softvallee Teamium®, a Simple and Collaborative Cloud based Solution for Planning and Production Management

27.03.2015 20:35

Softvallee highlights Teamium®, a Simple and Collaborative Solution for Planning and Production Management Available in the Cloud At NAB 2015

Teamium® Cloud for anytime and anywhere availability for flexible and scalable resource management


Paris, France -– March 25, 2015 _ At NAB, Software company Softvallee (Booth N8029) will showcase Teamium®, a simple and collaborative planning and process management solution tailored to the requirements of  the Broadcast &  Media Entertainment industry. Enabling the optimization and management of facilities, technology and personnel, the Teamium® Cloud application goes beyond existing legacy solutions by providing greater flexibility and availability to production facilities regardless of size or location.


As the challenges grow in this fast-changing industry, so too do production complexities and the need to optimize human and technology resources. Legacy solutions were typically an ad hoc combination of multiple vendors working to resolve scheduling, resource allocation, and financial processes using spreadsheets and emails. This was acceptable when a business model was static and predictable. Today, media platforms are more dynamic and diverse, requiring flexibility and adaptable processes. Retrospective cost analysis isn’t enough and new variables like virtualized processes and cloud services put even more emphasis on managing costs.


Softvallee helps solving current and evolving industry challenges by extending the use of cloud services to the production and news industry. Teamium® is specifically designed to address today’s Broadcast and Media Entertainment industry challenges in an ever-evolving environment where the need for content anywhere, anytime on multi-platforms, optimized human and technology resources and minimized costs is essential. Teamium® is the ideal solution to manage and monitor your production as well as view and edit your work order and project.


Scalable and Simple to Satisfy Evolving Requirements


This year’s NAB will see Softvallee demonstrate how its innovative solution Teamium® Cloud can help content providers enhance their planning and resource organization by simplifying, centralizing, streamlining and optimizing production resources and costs.


In a world where customers are drawn to the quick adoption cycles and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the cloud will enable companies of any size to benefit from Teamium® functions without actually having to install any software but rather through a simple subscription to the relevant package. For bigger companies with their own IT infrastructure, Teamium® can be quickly deployed in a private space and easily adopted by multiple users as it does not require long training. This scalable solution enables customer growth and evolving requirements to be easily supported thanks to the simple addition of new subscriptions or licenses. 


Access from anywhere

Teamium® Cloud ensures that users benefit from a service available online, any time and everywhere, from a live production location, from your home or office or on the go, and on any device (Mac, PC, tablets, smartphones). The Teamium® Cloud application will allow customers to easily share and update information, check planning and work orders with colleagues anywhere in the world.


Optimized business processes

Teamium® integrates the supplier procurement and aggregates all costs toward financial reporting. Teamium® helps to keep up with the pace and maintain productivity in a constantly changing environment. Teamium® allows users to coordinate editorial and production teams, manage in-house or external resources and accurately track costs. Predictive cost calculation feature provides the tool for the Newsroom teams to gain control over their resources and budget.


Enhanced collaboration

Teamium® News is one the fastest tools to speed up news production scheduling and streamline transmission procurement. Teamium® Production application helps create a collaborative environment, optimizing the production process and staff productivity. Teamium® enables users to be always connected to their teams and peers. It allows the sharing of information on personnel resources such as costs, skills and availability in a centralized way. This is a flexible, simple and user-friendly tool which provides a collaborative backbone to the business in an intuitive way.


Easy integration into existing infrastructures

Teamium® uses standard IT tools and architectures, benefiting from widespread development of database with search engines, web services, interoperability (SOA architecture) and social networking technologies to integrate a wide range of applications such as google agenda, scalable and extensible processes designed for rapid deployment, menu driven forms for short learning curves, and easily configurable reporting tools quickly result in managed productivity and resources optimization.


Securized data

Thanks to a dedicated infrastructure, Softvallee manages your application safely. Teamium® data are hosted in international data centers, which are localized on two continents as disaster recovery centers. All backups are automatically created and monitored over 7 days saving customers any such hassle as their data are secured in a dedicated space.


Schedule your meeting with Softvallee, booth N8029 during NAB from April 13-16.



About Softvallee:

Softvallee develops, markets and supports Teamium®, a software solution that delivers user-friendly, simple, complete and collaborative planning and production management to the Broadcast and Media entertainment industry.  Bringing over the founders two decades of experience in the Broadcast Television software solutions, the company helps clients including production, post-production companies and TV stations to optimize and manage facilities, technology resources and personnel.

Teamium® is a web based solution, available on any device and in the cloud, fast to deploy and easy to adopt. For more information, please visit





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