Vocas Systems at NAB 2015

30.03.2015 14:40

Vocas can be found at the NAB show in Las Vegas USA on booth C10518. Especially for the NAB show Vocas introduces a lot of new accessories. At the Vocas booth, special attention is given to the patented Vocas matte box and the registered new follow focus MFC-2. Next to that Vocas introduces, due to the success of the Vocas wooden hand grips, more new wooden accessories!
Vocas has a surprising tailor-made item at their booth. The patented Vocas matte boxes are as of now available in Limited Edition versions. Available right now is a camouflage edition, a carbon edition, on fire edition, US edition and last but certainly not least a wooden edition!
Panasonic Varicam HS/35 
Heavy cameras, such as the Panasonic Varicam cameras, need special attention. The Vocas R&D came to the perfect solution, a dovetail based top cheese plate (0350-1380) and base plate adapter (0490-0020)!!
By using the dovetail principle in combination with the Vocas base plate 0350-1000 the Panasonic Varicam camera can be moved forwards and backwards to perfectly align the centre of gravity.
Sony PXW-FS7 accessories
Before the Sony PXW-FS7 even had been introduced, Vocas already had the availability of a base plate and cheese plate for this popular camera. Today, 6 months later, the Vocas assortment of accessories for the Sony PXW-FS7 has been increased to 8 items!
At the NAB 2015 we introduce the latest Vocas peripherals for the Sony PXW-FS7. Starting with an improved hand grip bracket (0390-0090) for the original Sony hand grip. The hand grip bracket completes, for now, the accessories line for the Sony PXW-FS7 which contains the following accessories: the Vocas base plate (0350-1600), cheese plate MK II (0350-1361), H- cheese plate (0350-1365), viewfinder bracket (0700-0060), top hand grip kit (0350-1161), MBS 100 type N matte box support (0350-0018), clamping block for H cheese plate (0350-1465). We only can say: “If you want to buy a Sony PXW-FS7 you have to take a look at the Vocas accessories.”
A special item for the Sony PXW-FS7 is a wooden shoulder pad! The wooden shoulder pad can replace the current shoulder pad in the FS7 base plate (0350-1600). The wooden shoulder pad (proto) is really quite comfortable and looks great! 
New JVC camera GY-LS 300
Vocas has developed an adapter plate for this new camera so all the Vocas accessories can be mounted on the camera. Vocas adapter plate 0350-2110
New wooden hand grips
In addition to the leather hand grips Vocas introduces a new pair of wooden hand grips in this style. The leather hand grip kit (0390-0002) will be available with walnut wooden hand grips now! The new wooden hand grips (proto) look fabulous and have a very good grip.
ARRI Amira mini
Vocas introduces their accessories for the Amira Mini. Based on the dove tail principle, Vocas developed for the top and at the bottom of this new camera a cheese plate and a base plate adapter. By using the dovetail principle combined with the Vocas USBP plates on the Amira Mini camera it can become a shoulder camera which can be moved forwards and backwards to perfectly align the centre of gravity.
Viewfinder adapters
Next to the viewfinder adapter for the Sony PXW-FS7, Vocas developed a complete range of new viewfinder adapters based on the NATO standard rail. The viewfinder adapters are suitable for the Zacuto viewfinder (0700-0030), the Alphatron viewfinder (0700-0020), and there is a universal viewfinder adapter (0700-0010) available. The big feature of these Vocas viewfinders is the adjustable friction. The friction can be set before mounting the viewfinder. But even with a mounted viewfinder the friction can be adjusted!
Lens mount adapter support
Lens adapters from other brands sometimes require support in order not to strain the lens mount of the camera too much. In these cases, this new Vocas lens mount support can be used. The Vocas lens mount support works with any lens mount adapter that has a 1/4" connection on the underside, and prevents damages to the lens mount of the camera when using heavy lenses. (0360-0600)
Vocas USBP VCT-14 support 
In 2013, Vocas introduced the Universal Shoulder Base Plates to the market, USBP in short. A big improvement in the market of numerous solutions for the different cameras and their specific shoulder supports. By introducing 3 models, Vocas covered all possible camera setups.
Especially for the USBP-15F, Vocas developed a small bracket (0350-2015) to improve the stability of the USBP-15F when using it in combination with a Sony VCT-14, Panasonic Shan 700 and look-a-likes of the different brands.
Limited Edition matte boxes
One of the first accessories for the professional cameraman was the matte box. A matte box allows you to block stray light from striking the surface of the lens. A matte box also holds one or more filters in front of the lens—they drop in quickly and easily. It’s basically similar to a lens hood, but instead of having a fixed form, matte boxes usually have movable metal flaps, or French flags, in front that allow you to block sunlight and artificial light sources that can cause problematic glare and lens flare. And that is where the Vocas matte boxes differ with all the other available matte boxes: patented eyebrows! The Vocas eyebrows are, so to say, built-in French flags. More comfortable because the eyebrows are very compact.
Being innovative in the field of matte boxes (Vocas has more patents on matte boxes!) Vocas introduces now the tailor-made matte box! The complete range of the Vocas matte boxes can be delivered to you just the way you want to have it: tailor-made!
You can find some examples on our booth. If you like our wooden hand grips and want to complete the look of your camera we have a ‘wooden’ matte box. Working in the field perhaps a camouflage version is more suitable to you. You are a die-hard patriot; our US version is perfect for you. More a fast and furious type of guy, the flames version is yours or to just complete the techno-look of your camera we can provide a carbon look.
You have other ideas please let us know and we will see what we can do!
Suggestion! You are a rental company, we can provide your company logo all over the matte box!
Increase of the Vocas follow focus assortment
Just after the introduction of the new follow focus MFC-2S, Vocas lines up its range. The existing follow focus MFC-1 is an all time favourite due to its compactness. But there is not always the need for the stop functionality, it is not always a necessity. Based on the compact MFC-1, Vocas now introduces the MFC-1 WS, a MFC-1 without stop. Just as simple as it is!

Vocas Systems B.V. specialises in the development and manufacturing of field accessories for DSLR, DV, broadcast and cinematographic cameras. Using high tech materials to ensure optimal light weight handling while retaining maximum strength, the Vocas products are designed to endure the rigors of even the most demanding application. Made in Holland.



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