Faroudja Enterprises to Unveil New Image Quality Improvement Technologies at NAB 2015

09.04.2015 14:50

Faroudja Enterprises to Unveil New Image
Quality Improvement Technologies at NAB 2015

Never before seen solutions for image quality enhancements will preserve and protect the visual beauty of content from SD to 4K/Ultra HD for any viewing screen

Los Altos, CA - April 9, 2015 - The video imaging experts at Faroudja Enterprises are introducing image quality improvement technologies at NAB 2015 that ensure viewers receive the high-quality images they expect, even from bandwidth intensive streaming or live services. These three technologies focus on cleaning encoded digital images and minimizing artifacts to provide higher image quality on televisions, tablets, or smartphones. The company is showcasing bandwidth restoration for edges and details, 1080p to 4K upscaling that is significantly superior to UHDTV upscalers, and detail preserving de-blocking: all of which will be available for mobile, home, consumer, and broadcast applications.
“Media-hungry consumers want more content with better video quality, especially as they begin to purchase UHDTVs and mobile devices with similar resolution. The biggest disappointment any viewer can experience -- especially a UHDTV viewer -- is low-quality video when they expect high-quality perfection,” said Bill Herz, COO of Faroudja Enterprises. “These technologies could be deployed easily in consumer devices such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, DVRs, smartphones and tablets, to increase consumer satisfaction.”
Case in point: a recent industry report found that stream interruptions, inadequate picture fidelity, and other poor streaming issues prompt nearly 75% of all OTT video viewers to give up during the first four minutes of playback.
Tapping into the unique and industry-acknowledged expertise of Faroudja Enterprises’ founders Yves Faroudja and Dr. Xu Dong, the new visual quality improvement solutions are completely encoder and decoder independent. The three solutions to be demonstrated are:

  • Bandwidth Restoration Technology (BR1) utilizes large edge detail improvements through amplitude adaptive algorithms. Fine details and large edges are enhanced without the introduction or amplification of noise or compression artifacts.
  • Deblocking and Debanding Technology (DB1) examines regions of uniform value while detecting and tracking small variations, commonly introduced by the quantization stage of compression. Through intelligent threshholding, these artifacts are recognized and sensibly eradicated. DB1 is extremely useful for eliminating blocks and banding often introduced during compression, while not diminishing details and edges.
  • Multi-Dimensional Upscaler (US1) utilizes proprietary multi-dimensional processing to scale video from SD to HD to 1080p to 4K/Ultra HD, with results far superior to UHDTV on-board upscalers. In the upscaled 4K image, edges and details retain their integrity, while not introducing aliasing (diagonal edges are free of jaggies) or blur.

These image quality improvement technologies are aimed at manufacturers of televisions, set-top boxes, digital video recording devices, tablets and smartphones, as well as content providers and service operators with media players. The goal of Faroudja Enterprises is to help those that aspire to deliver high-quality consumer front-of-screen, second-screen, and mobile viewing experiences, who may have fallen short.
Demonstrations conducted by Yves Faroudja and the Faroudja Enterprises team will be held in the Faroudja Enterprises booth, N8229, in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at NAB 2015.




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