CamDolly Launches the Filmmaking Industry’s First Portable, Modular Dolly System

10.04.2015 10:39

CamDolly Cinema System Campaign Launches on Kickstarter: Promises the Filmmaking Industry’s First Portable, Modular Dolly System

CamDolly Cinema System will enable independent videographers and filmmakers everywhere to create powerful, professional visual effects

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

Beginning today, a 30-day Kickstarter campaign has launched for the production of a brand new concept for videographers and filmmakers: the CamDolly Cinema System. The product of a collaboration between filmmaker Mat Jaz, filmmaker Bohus Blahut of Clutch & Company and the design team at Fotodiox, the CamDolly Cinema System will be the industry’s first truly portable and modular dolly system for professional-grade video and film equipment. If its Kickstarter campaign achieves its $100,000 goal, videographers and filmmakers will finally be able to perform smooth, dynamic dolly shots for a fraction of the energy and expense that come with existing dolly solutions.

Modern Filmmaking 
The last several years have seen tremendous strides in the development of gear an independent filmmaker can use to express his or her vision. HD cameras and DSLRs have made it easier to capture better images, computer-based editing and video sharing platforms have reinvented the publishing process, and the miniaturization of unwieldy and highly-specialized film production equipment has made filmmaking more accessible and affordable. The camera dolly, however, is one crucial piece of production gear that hasn't benefitted from much innovation, forcing filmmakers to explore expensive, demanding techniques for their shoots.

Enter: The CamDolly Cinema System 
With the CamDolly Cinema System, filmmakers can expand their visual vocabulary beyond simple zooms and pans from a stationary viewpoint. The system allows any filmmaker to create a wide variety of dolly shots, which literally push the audience's view further into the screen for more dynamic, more dimensional and more "real" effects. The CamDolly Cinema System includes everything a filmmaker needs to build five different dolly modes, or "protocols" – each designed to create a specific type of shot. Gone are the days of forcing a large crew to move a bulky dolly between locations in a van or truck. The entire CamDolly Cinema System easily fits into a compact car and packs neatly into three luggage sized cases, the heaviest of which is 50 pounds. A single person can move all of the system's components to a shooting location with ease, and assemble the CamDolly into one of its five protocols in under 15 minutes. 

  • Ride-On Track Dolly - "The Sidewinder": full-size dolly with a seat that rides on included Rubber Rail flexible track (or optional rigid track)
  • Ride-On Doorway Dolly - "Doorway X-Dolly": full-size dolly with a seat that rides on four skate wheels for smooth surfaces or pneumatic tires for outdoor shooting
  • Heavy Duty Slider - "XL Slider": much more stable than a portable slider, the XL Slider is uniquely capable of supporting heavy cameras and performing smooth tracking moves
  • Tabletop Dolly - "The Table Topper": attach wheels directly to the core to achieve four-wheel or three-wheel dolly shots on a tabletop, or dramatic shots near ground level
  • Orbit Dolly - "360° Orbital Dolly": a three-wheeled dolly with lockable wheels. Lock the wheels to specific degrees (using included chart or app) to easily create graceful arcs around a subject without a track


“Mat [Jaz] and I have been working together for the last two years to make CamDolly what filmmakers everywhere have been waiting for,” says Bohus Blahut, founder of Clutch & Company and marketing director for Fotodiox. “We see it as an indispensable visual tool for independents, production studios, TV shows, rental houses, schools – anyone who’s looking to add a new level of professionalism and high-end looks to their films and videos – all without breaking your budget or breaking your back.”

Quick Facts about the CamDolly Cinema System Kickstarter Campaign 

  • Campaign goal to begin production of the CamDolly is $100,000
  • Campaign began at 1:00 pm CST on April 9, 2015 and will run until 12:59 pm CST on May 8, 2015
  • Backers who pledge $10 or more will receive a CamDolly vinyl sticker and MP3
  • Backers who pledge $35 or more will receive a CamDolly t-shirt, vinyl sticker and MP3
  • Backers who pledge $500 or more will receive a 50 foot section of Rubber Rail and carry bag
  • 10 Early Bird backers who pledge $3,350 or more will receive a CamDolly Cinema System and two 50 foot sections of Rubber Rail
  • Backers who pledge $3,850 or more will receive a CamDolly Cinema System and two 50 foot sections of Rubber Rail
  • If the campaign achieves its goal, CamDolly production will begin immediately with the first shipment expected in mid-June 2015


To learn more about the CamDolly Cinema System and participate in its Kickstarter campaign, please visit its Kickstarter Page. Attendees of the NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center can also partake in one-on-one demos of the CamDolly Cinema System at the Fotodiox booth (#C9939) between April 13 and April 17, 2015.





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