MOOVIT™ Power Drive attaches to cameras, dollies and sliders to provide smooth variable speed motion

15.04.2015 12:48


Developed by Network cameraman Danny Dodge, the MOOVIT™ Power Drive attaches to cameras, dollies and sliders to provide smooth variable speed motion with automatic forward and reverse control and using your Iphone. 
The MOOVIT™ Power Drive, just released at NAB, is one of the most easy to use variable speed motion attachments for cameras, dollies and sliders on the market. Developed by network cameraman Danny Dodge, the MOOVIT™ allows an on-the-go cameraman the ability to produce amazingly smooth and consistent moves with his camera.  Unlike other units, the variable speed knob is simple to use.  There's no screen to read, no data to enter. You just turn the dial to your preferred speed, then click the toggle switch in the direction you want to go and you're done.  The speed is variable from super slow (for star and cloud time lapses), to fast (for interviews and other creative shots).  Using full power burst technology, the unit runs on a single 9 volt battery, and also has an external port for power.  It is able to move camera and tripod loads up to 70 lbs in weight along a track.
Dodge said his reason for creating the MOOVIT™ was to get away from time consuming data entry and simply get the shot quick.  "As a network cameraman, I don't have time to waste.  I need to get the shot and move on.  That's why I made the MOOVIT™ simple, easy and quick", said Dodge.  Over a year in development, Dodge said it took time and testing to get the unit to perform exactly to his requirements, while also making sure that sound generated by the unit was not an issue.  
The MOOVIT™ made its first public appearance at NAB and was an instant hit.  Dodge said, "we had no more than put the unit out and turned it on when a crowd began to gather.  Just two years ago Dodge introduced his first product (Cinerails) to the market.  "I wasn't looking to get into product manufacturing, but I needed a camera dolly that was lightweight and that I could travel with, but when I got around other crews they all wanted one.  

Seeing the huge response to my dolly system my son suggested I put it on Kickstarter, a crowd funding site used to generate capitol for getting products and movies off the ground.  The dolly was so successful that in just two days it raised $23,000.  It was at that point that my wife told me I was in business.  From that, I developed the company now known as Cinerails, and have since sold my dolly to folks at Saturday Night Live, the Sportsman Channel and many other top networks and film companies."   Dodge said he was amazed at the response he got funding his project through Kickstarter.  So much so that he is now in the fund raising mode  again with the MOOVIT™.  "I anticipate that the MOOVIT™ will reach and exceed its funding goal in a very short time", said Dodge.
In order to show the functionality of both the Cinerails dolly system and the MOOVTI™ in action, Dodge has produced a video using his products.  "Seeing is believing, and every time someone watches the video they are amazed at how simple and affective the MOOVIT™ and Cinerails are", said Dodge 

Dodge anticipates officially launching his Kickstarter project this week while at NAB.  "We've already developed 
the project and are waiting for approval from Kickstarter to make the project public.  Until then we're making the
video available on our vimeo
website:  Once Kickstarter gives us the go ahead we will follow up with an official link to the site", said Dodge.  According to Dodge once the funding process is complete the company expects to beging shipping the MOOVIT™ in mid August.  For the time being, Dodge and his team can be found at booth C9245 at the NAB show in Las Vegas demoing the new unit to attendees.

Cinerails website:

About Danny Dodge:  Danny is an award winning network television cameraman with over 30 years experience.

About Cinerails:  Cinerails is a company based in Loveland, Colorado that specializes in camera motion devices.



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