Fall on your face? Jukin Media will pay for the video

22.05.2016 13:39

Video of a solid kick to the groin? That’ll get you $250. A clip of a harrowing close call while skydiving? A cool $2,500.  Storyful, a Dublin, Ireland-based user-generated video agency owned by News Corp., aggressively pursue trending videos. Smaller competitors such as Viralnova, Viralhog and Newsflare also want the viral sensation du jour and often pay for the privilege.

For a six-figure payout, it has to be viral fodder -- like the Canadian globetrotter who, while trying to take a selfie, got kicked in the face by a passing train conductor in Peru.

Each pratfall has its price because companies like Jukin Media have built an improbable business model cutting deals for these snippets of human folly. A “fail” can rack up tens of millions of ad-generating views on YouTube. It can be sold to TV shows, news websites, brands and ad agencies.


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