25.04.2017 19:47

TELESCOPE LAUNCHES LIVE STREAMING CAMERA APP Go Mobile with Telescope’s new Live Studio Camera App and create professional live streams on-the-fly.

Los Angeles, Calif., April 24, 2017 -

Telescope, the industry leading social technology company that delivers video engagement across all platforms, announced a powerful new live streaming Camera App to accompany Live Studio, their award winning end-to-end production management platform designed exclusively for Facebook Live. Telescope has an unparalleled track record working with the biggest media brands to engage their audiences via their real-time technology platform, and the same expertise has powered over three thousand hours of video content on Facebook, delivering a dynamic viewing experience for audiences and the ability for publishers to maximize discovery and monetization of their video assets.

Telescope’s Camera App will vastly broaden the capability for content creators to shoot on the fly video in situations which lend themselves to mobile production and distribution, while still taking advantage of all the enhanced features of Live Studio.

Telescope CEO Jason George commented: “The revolution in all aspects of creation, distribution and consumption of video is accelerating faster than any of us could have predicted. Our vision is for creators and publishers to have the power of a TV studio literally in their pocket and at a fraction of the cost, enabling both existing and new players in the content space to get their video out there, to monetize that content and to create a base of followers who can be retargeted to drive awareness and increase revenue. This vision just got a step closer with the Telescope Camera App”.

There are specific market segments that Telescope’s mobile streaming app will address such as influencers, public figures and athletes, where the demand for fan content is seeing high double digit growth. With 20% of videos consumed and shared on Facebook now being live videos, it looks likely the appetite for live content with real-time fan engagement will continue to be a market driver.

In addition to its mobile-specific solutions, Live Studio offers compatibility for multi-cam outputs, allowing producers the freedom to switch to where the action is in real-time and react to audience feedback on different camera streams. It also has the capability to sync with other broadcast systems, and provides a full suite of analytics tools – so producers can see where, when, and how audiences are interacting with their content.


Telescope works at the intersection between content and audiences. Broadcast, cable, digital, mobile, social – the challenge is always the same: you don’t just want to reach viewers, you want to engage them. You want fans to participate and incorporate their voice into your video content. And of course you want to track it all and create valuable insights to enhance your content. Their industry leading technology does just that - delivering record-breaking solutions for the world’s biggest media brands to create, publish, and monetize content. At the forefront of realtime participation they ensure content owners connect to fans in innovative ways through the delivery of relevant interactive content and engaging social experiences.




Telescope helps clients stay relevant and reach a modern consumer base quickly abandoning traditional methods of video consumption. Based in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Barcelona and London, we are entrusted by the world’s largest media brands and social platforms – including Facebook, NBC, FOX, NASA, CNN, Twitter, Univision, NBA, NASCAR, Sony, Amazon, Discovery, CBS, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Target and many more.

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