CREATIVE STORAGE Conference June 25 in Culver City.

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Digital Storage For Content Archiving and Preservation at the 2013 Creative StorageSM

Early Conference Registration Ends on June 22, 2013

San Jose, CA, May 30, 2013—The 2013 Creative StorageSM Conference (CS 2013) announces
a special session on digital storage for content archiving and preservation.
 You can see the conference agenda at:
 SageCloud is a Bronze Sponsor and IMT and Key Information Systems will be exhibitors.
 CS 2013 will be held Tuesday June 25, 2013 at the DoubleTree Hotel West Los
Angeles in Culver City, CA (

If you are a media and entertainment professional involved in digital storage
we urge you to participate in the 2013 Digital Storage in Media and Entertainment
Survey at the following link: before May
31, 2013.  Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates will present top-level results
from the survey at CS 2013.

Here is a description of the session on digital storage and content archiving
and preservation:

Session F:  Holding the Past, in the Future:  Content Archiving and  Asset Management
(Sponsored by Oracle)

Will our valuable content libraries survive the test of time with the every changing
formats and storage devices? Will we be able to find our content when and where
we need it?  How do content owners decide what will live and what will die? Find
out about valuable developments in content archiving, automated metadata generation
and asset management that will make sure that our content libraries are resilient,
strong and useful.   This session will help you to map out a strategy for long
term retention of precious professional content.

•       Alex Grossman, Quantum
•       David Cerf, Crossroads Systems
•       Phil Storey, XenData
•       Robert Raymond, Oracle
•       Christopher Luther, SGL
•       Andy Marken, Preservation Evangelist

•       Reagan Moore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
•       Ed Childers, IBM

Quantum is the Diamond Sponsor of CS 2013.  The Active Archive Alliance is a
Platinum sponsorship of CS 2013. Aspera, Oracle, SageCloud and SNIA SSSI are
Bronze Sponsors.  Exhibitors include Crossroads Systems, IBM, IMT, JMR, Key Information
Systems, Optical Vaults, ProMAX, Panasas, SageCloud, Tandberg and Xendata.  Media
and Organization Sponsors of CS 2013 include Advantage Video Systems, Computer
Outlook, Coughlin Associates, Createasphere, Digital Cinema Society, Digital
Computing Industry Association (DCIA), Digital Production Buzz, FCIA HDDFA, Hollywood
Post Alliance, Home Toys, MediaTech Association, MESS, M&E Tech, POST Magazine,
RDC, SMPTE, STA, The Shindler Perspective and TechTarget.

The Sessions and Keynote talks at the 2013 Creative StorageSM Conference will
develop the conference theme of:  Storage, The File Frontier.  The current program
covers all aspects of digital storage in media and entertainment.

A limited number of sponsorships and exhibits are still available for the 2013
Creative StorageSM Conference. Information on the sponsorship and exhibit opportunities
as well as reservation forms are available at

Early conference registration is also open until June 22, 2013.  You can register
to attend at:


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