Content Galaxy Launches Alternative to YouTube Subscription Service

18.06.2013 15:09

Content Galaxy Launches Alternative to YouTube Subscription Service

New Pay Model Addresses Needs of Media Outlets and Independents

NEW YORK, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Content Galaxy, a video hosting service, today announced the official launch of its video streaming platform.  This patent-pending technology combines related content from multiple sources integrated into a single platform to enable publishers to build large channels that are both profitable and low priced. Content Galaxy targets media outlets seeking better ways to monetize their videos and independent content providers looking for a better way to make money from streaming video than a YouTube channel.

Developed and tested over several years, the service is streamlined to handle the practical challenges of supporting many providers and many subscribers. Authors retain their intellectual property rights and a non-exclusive contract requires no more than a confirming email. This avoids the need for complex negotiations and up-front expenses because everyone is paid according to openly stated verifiable formulas.

"The technology offers a win-win for subscribers who get inexpensive access to a large body of high quality material and for content providers whose income goes up exponentially as channel usage grows," said Steven Asherman, founder and president of Content Galaxy. "This service is especially needed by independent producers of instructional, entertainment and news event videos," he added.

As the print media business continues to shrink, Content Galaxy seeks to give news media, entertainment businesses, and web content providers a new and effective way to generate revenues from their video content. This allows a publisher to create a channel supporting many contributors who share pooled subscription revenues based on usage.

"YouTube channels only pay a single party and provide limited details about subscriber usage. Their model doesn't begin to address the complex accounting and security problems of splitting subscription revenues among many participants in a collective channel," says Asherman. "The challenge is to make sure that everyone involved is motivated to sell and promote the channel, and the process has to be transparent to be credible."

The Content Galaxy platform handles automated compensation of authors, editors, and affiliates based on authenticated subscriber usage and provides near real-time activity reporting to all parties. The system enables web sites to incorporate profitable video streaming with minimal effort and no infrastructure. Affiliate and content provider payments are credited daily based on each subscriber's total viewing pattern, and micro-payments from the "compensation pool" are credited every day for the life of the subscription regardless of whether any usage was made on that day.

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