Lumenplay - control holiday lights with your smart phone

26.06.2013 13:54

Lumenplay, The First String Light Allowing People to Control, Play and Share
Holiday Lights

June 26, 2103 (Portland, Oregon) -- At Rigado, we believe in thinking outside the box. We feel that the most useful products stretch the boundaries of what is possible, help us to take charge of our lives and are so simple to use that it inspires action. Lumenplay lights do just that: give people complete control over the colors and effects of their holiday, deck or event lights conveniently with their smart device, to transform decorative lighting into an interactive, fun and entertaining experience worthy of sharing with friends.

Rigado will unveil Lumenplay in the Innovation Zone at CE Week in New York on June 26,, 2013 for a hands-on opportunity for those in attendance. Simultaneously, Lumenplay will launch a crowdfunding campaign with Crowd Supply.

For people who like to take charge of their life, Lumenplay offers: total personalization of your decorative lighting display at your fingertips, industry leading durability, and energy efficiency that is friendly to the environment and wallet. “We knew there would be an almost endless number of scenarios that people would use Lumenplay lights for,” said Chris Corrado, Co-Founder for Rigado and Lumenplay. “As we shared the idea with people, we saw their faces light up as they thought of the unique ways they would use these lights around their home and in their life.”

Lumenplay lights inspire creativity when users choose from virtually unlimited colors and combinations. Lights can change color to go from Christmas red and green, to Easter pastels or to a patriotic 4th of July display with just the touch in real-time simply by moving a finger around the mobile application’s color wheel. Lumenplay lights set the mood for each and any event from tailgate parties to a romantic evening. Imagination is truly the only limitation.

The mobile app supports customization of color brightness, direction, speed and pattern effects like multiball, crosswave and stack to impress friends with light displays that can change on the fly. Adding the ability to visualize your music through Lumenplay lights means that whether it’s Mozart or heavy metal, people can literally see the beat as lights sync up to the music. The fun doesn’t stop with just colors and effects.

The random color picker feature can choose the color for common family games like Twister, Candyland, or Cranium. The timing feature can take the place of that old sand timer and Lumenplay lights can let friends know when the Charades round is over or the cookies are ready to come out of the oven.

“With each and every Rigado project, quality has been a top priority and has placed us on the preferred partner list of global brands”, said Ben Corrado, Co-Founder for Rigado and Lumenplay.

“We’ve exceeded our own high standards with Lumenplay lights to build a consumer product we’re all extremely proud to call our own.”

Lumenplay lights use revolutionary LED technology that achieves a lifespan of 20,000 hours per light. The LED is sealed in protective casing that is water tight and impact resistant, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial use. The bulb covers can withstand abuse and are easily replaced for different shapes and sizes to make Lumenplay an industry leader in durability and customizability. Using national averages for energy pricing, a standard incandescent 20 foot Christmas light strand plugged in for six hours a day, 90 days a year would have an energy cost of approximately $13. Comparing the same six hour daily usage for 90 days with a Lumenplay 20 foot strand, the user could expect an impressive annual energy cost under one dollar.

Lumenplay is transforming personal and commercial lighting displays into something everyone can control and personalize. Rigado is preparing to deliver Lumenplay for this Christmas season through a crowdfunding campaign launching Wednesday June 26th on Funds raised go towards manufacturing Lumenplay lights from quality factories and partners. Lumenplay needs to raise its goal by August 15th to be able to place a minimum order with the factory. The Lumenplay team is committed to developing additional effects, games and music visualizers and looks forward to incorporating feedback and ideas from the backers as stretch goals throughout the campaign.

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