CrowdFlik Launches New, Free App for Crowd-Sourced Event-Driven Video Creation, Editing, Viewing, Sharing

27.06.2013 17:34

CrowdFlik Launches New, Free App for Crowd-Sourced Event-Driven Video Creation, Editing, Viewing, Sharing


* Collaborative Video Platform Brings Advanced Features to Quickly, Easily Connect, Shoot, Synch, Interact, Recombine Footage from Concerts, Family Events, Sports, Life

* Any Event, Large or Small, Easily Goes from Simple Video Postcard to Dynamic, Multi-Camera Event

NEW YORK – June 27, 2013 – CrowdFlik, Inc., the first collaborative event-driven mobile video platform that lets users create, edit and share crowd-sourced video, announced the launch of the free CrowdFlik app, designed to allow users to capture, assemble, re-imagine and share the greatest moments in life.  Created to be the go-to video app that’s easy-to-use, CrowdFlik allows users to recreate and share live moments and events to quickly turn event video from simple “video postcards” into multi-camera shoots.


CrowdFlik’s unique synchronization process uses atomic time and geo-location data to enable users to check-in, shoot and upload footage from events using their iOS mobile device.  The CrowdFlik app slices videos into synchronized 10 second segments and assembles them on the CrowdFlik cloud-based edit platform where users can select segments from their videos along with footage captured by other attendees to create personalized multi-angle edits (“FLIKs”).  FLIK footage is accurately synchronized to 100 nanoseconds using the U.S. Naval Atomic Clock, allowing precise cuts even in fast moving events.  Once uploaded, the service allows site visitors to re-assemble footage – on mobile device or desktop, and whether they were at the event or not – and take the director's chair to participate in the fun.


“CrowdFlik turns every video into a multi-camera shoot,”  said Chris Hamer, CEO, CrowdFlik, Inc.  “With CrowdFlik, fans can experience events in a fuller way by exploring every angle of events – wherever in the world that they happen.”


The company has filed patent applications related to the feature-rich crowd-sourced capture and creation platform, including the end-to-end social video process.  The highly social approach confirms community at each established event, allows users to invite friends quickly, and lets users find new events through friends and sortable event lists.  Once footage is shot, the intuitive CrowdFlik editing process allows people to simply use their thumbs to edit quickly by tapping, saving and sharing.  CrowdFlik empowers users to be as creative as they want – it’s extremely easy and game-like.  And once edited, users can relive the event over and over – extending the live moment, sharing their FLIKSs via Facebook and through the CrowdFlik site, and living life through their own lens.


“For the first time consumers can edit crowd-sourced video whether they were at an event or not, letting event attendees make richer, more dimensional videos,” continued Hamer.  “The CrowdFlik app allows users to shine as videographers, video editors and video mash-up creators, giving the community easy-to-use tools that empower them to re-imagine great moments in everyday life.” 


CrowdFlik is perfect for anyone capturing video at an event or special occasion where two or more CrowdFlik users are shooting footage.  These can include:

  • Concerts
  • Sporting events from a child’s soccer game to the big game at Fenway Park, basketball, football or hockey
  • Life events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, bachelor parties, frat parties or a Sweet 16
  • For business, industry gatherings and conferences like TED, CES, Mobile World Congress
  • Everyday events that could quickly become news stories, allowing fuller citizen journalism coverage


CrowdFlik is also a valuable promotional vehicle for emerging and established bands.  The free app and service lets fans connect with their favorite artists and other fans in a new way, and artists can benefit with increased fan engagement via CrowdFlik’s social video approach.


CrowdFlik is available exclusively for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 from the App Store at


About CrowdFlik

Headquartered in New York City, CrowdFlik offers mobile device users a revolutionary mobile video platform that enables users to create and share multiple edits from crowd-sourced video.  Dedicated to providing a fun, easy-to-use video platform that’s “of and by the people,” CrowdFlik is committed to taking event capture, interaction and sharing to the next level.  Founded in 2012 and privately held, CrowdFlik is led by CEO Chris Hamer who served in senior in-house roles with Clear Channel Entertainment, Sony BMG, General Motors and  For more information on CrowdFlik, visit