How big is the internet TV market? Cable TV or Over the Top via Internet?

12.07.2013 17:11

Over the top (OTT) internet television involves the delivery of professionally-produced filmed entertainment over the internet where anyone with a broadband connection can access the content.

By the end of 2013 a total of 158.2 million households around the globe will have viewed some form of OTT internet TV programming on a connected TV set and of these, 76.6 million households (234 million individuals) will be viewing OTT internet TV programming on a regular, sustained basis in 2013. By 2017, the ‘sustained usage’ viewership will have increased to 373.1 million households or 1,189 million individuals.

To put these numbers in perspective, there are around 350 major cable TV networks in operation around the globe, which have a combined reach of about 550 million households, although It has taken the cable TV industry over 30 years to reach this scale.

Report Content

This report offers a detailed analysis of the worldwide over the top (OTT) internet television market. With a focus on OTT services and the associated business and strategic aspects of the market, the report includes 23 detailed company profiles, 15 detailed country profiles, in-depth market analysis and comprehensive 5-year market forecasts which include users, revenues (advertising and paid-for), viewing time and how viewing varies by device type.

In addition to the 23 companies that are profiled in detail, the report also included details on an additional  206 companies that provide OTT internet television services around the globe.

Over the Top (OTT) Internet Television: 2013