Viewtrakr Launches Global Gamification and Incentivized Sharing Video Platform

30.09.2013 16:28

Viewtrakr Launches Global Gamification and Incentivized Sharing Video Platform; Eric Grant from EGrant Online Leads Charge Forward

Viewtrakr is a customizable video sharing platform that allows users to create their own video sharing network and earn rewards based on team activity.

Seatlle, WA




Viewtrakr allows users to promote any product or service they desire while monetizing their network of people that are sharing videos.

Why Viewtrakr:

ViewTrakr has a popular video-sharing, and marketing platform that “pays to share.” 

  •     Video is the most effective way to deliver an attention grabbing message.
  •     More than four billion online videos are watched every day.
  •     Sixty-eight percent of video watchers share video links.

What Viewtrakr Provides: 

  •     Personalized data-capture pages that can be rebranded
  •     Customizable video sharing pages
  •     Back office tracking system
  •     Global payment system
  •     Live chat service for representatives (Trakrs)
  •     Hosted video sharing platform

How to Get Started: 

  •     Join the ViewTrakr Team.
  •     Click the GO LIVE button to activate user Trakr position.
  •     Users share videos of choice and build a global network.

How to Score Views: 

  •     Score views when people watch videos on user ‘s ViewTrakr web pages.

How to Receive Rewards: 

  •     User has achieved Active Trakr Status by paying $25 per month site fee.
  •     User has achieved Qualified status by personally scoring at least 10 views.

How to Win Contests: 

  •     Trakr 500 is a weekly contest where top point scorers earn cash bonuses.
  •     Trakr 500 points also help to move forward in rank.

Viewtrakr is one of many companies using incentivized sharing and gamification. The need for fun and engagement within the complicated technology world online is here. The companies that capitalize on this fast moving trend and adapt with the demand will ultimately become the pioneers of this new gamified and incentivized online world.

Eric Grant, a Viewtrakr user and team builder says, “I thrive on every part of being an entrepreneur, all the way from the idea stage, to the research-phase, to implementation and marketing, right down to cashing the checks. I really enjoy the excitement-phase of a new venture.”