Launches the World’s Fastest Cloud-Transcoding Service

20.03.2015 13:17 Launches the World’s Fastest Cloud-Transcoding Service, moving beyond the limits of real-time transcoding is the future of transcoding, providing a high performance cloud-service to transcode multimedia content orders of magnitudes faster than real-time, even for highest 4K qualities and beyond.

[What is announced?] is a high-performance adaptive bitrate transcoding and streaming platform for cutting edge media formats such as MPEG-DASH and HLS, which are natively supported in HTML5 platforms. Thus, is enabling highest video quality on the web, mobile and home entertainment devices, up to HD, 4K and beyond, while keeping the distribution costs low due the usage of efficient HTTP infrastructure.

[What is unique?]
The bitcodin platform is designed and built from the ground up to scale massively on standard public and private cloud infrastructure, while enabling orders of magnitudes faster transcoding than real time (e.g., a 2-hour HD video in minutes). The fast transcoding enables even the largest on-demand video providers to distribute uploaded media virtually instantly during the upload and transcoding process with no delay. Leveraging the flexibility of the new MPEG-DASH standard – which is fully integrated into bitcodin – content providers can use cutting-edge technologies such as the native DASH adaptive streaming support in HTML5, as well as the native DRM support using MPEG-CENC based upon that. This enables distribution and playback across web and mobile platforms, while being more light-weight and battery efficient than heavy plugins like Silverlight or Flash. furthermore encourages separation of video, audio and subtitle streams, which helps bitcodin customers to save up to 75 % on their storage costs while increasing distribution efficiency and reducing CDN costs. 

[For whom this is relevant and why?]
bitcodin provides premium content publishers, VOD providers and broadcasters with a highly scalable, flexible, and cost effective cloud-based encoding platform to deliver high quality On-Demand as well as live streams to any device. Content providers can offload their Live or On-Demand transcoding needs to the cloud, adding performance and capacity when they need it, without the fixed costs of buying dedicated hardware. In addition the ability of the bitcodin platform to encode the video and audio tracks in a media files separately helps content distributors realizing important savings in terms of storage and communication costs, while increasing customer’s quality of experience.
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