Sunny & Gerd in Spring Cleaning

05.04.2017 20:54

Check out the the just-released trailer of Nimble Collective’s recent collaborative animation project. ‘Spring Cleaning!,’ an all new whimsical animated short from studio partner Chocolate Soop. 


Nimble Collective, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing the animation industry by crafting the first cloud native animation platform, is giving us all a quick refresh in “Spring Cleaning.” This animation preview of a new series being released Spring 2017 features robo-besties, Sunny and GERD in their very first adventure as they use an interdimensional portal to clean up. What could go wrong?!

Check out the trailer here: Sunny and Gerd Trailer.

Working under the studio name ‘Chocolate Soop,’ self-taught, multi-faceted illustrator Dacosta Bayley created the recent event “March of Robots” community drawing challenge popular on @ChocolateSoop Instagram page (over 15K followers). Since 1995 Dacosta has been creating professionally and has produced designs across various media before collaborating with Nimble Collective on the upcoming animated series “Sunny & GERD.” Full release slated for later this month.

More information about “Sunny and GERD” and the project can be found at, and