Streambox Inc. announces new products and solutions for newsgathering, cloud-based video contribution and streaming

20.04.2017 19:42

April 20, 2017 (Seattle) - Streambox Inc. announces new products and solutions for newsgathering, cloud-based video contribution and streaming, and new rackmount upgrades with frame synchronizer and live video stream encryption.


At NAB 2017 Streambox will be presenting an upgrade in their Avenir line, the Avenir Mini-4. Designed for broadcasters and newsgathering, the new Streambox Avenir Mini-4 is a camera-mountable, bonded cellular, mobile encoder. More than an upgrade of Avenir Mini-3, the new Mini-4 is powered by Qualcomm mobile hardware with an enhanced ACT-L3 codec and an improved feature set. These improvements provide boosted video encoding and transmission performance while providing extended 6-8 hours of battery operations.


Equipped with Five 3G/4G/LTE modems with integrated WiFi for streaming, the Mini-4 provides high quality, low latency, reliable, HD video streaming. Using 30% less bandwidth than comparable H.264 encoders, the Mini-4 reduces ongoing operating expense costs. The new software with new WebUI includes an enhanced ACT-L3 codec that provides improved HD video quality at lower bandwidth. The new UI for the Mini-4 is easy to use and includes many optimized settings for bonded network live transmission over any internet connection: cellular, WiFi, BGAN, SNG, and ethernet.  


Broadcasters, both large and small, incorporate Streambox Cloud services as a primary tool to drive workflow and team efficiencies, lowering operating expenses while increasing content generation and sharing. The continued Streambox Cloud Services development provides broadcasters and online video publishers an increasing set of services for content and web video publishing.  


Streambox Cloud resides globally on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud which provide a secure video infrastructure and software management system. Streambox Cloud services deliver a broadcast-centric environment for newsgathering, live video contribution, video monitoring, internal/external video distribution, and live transcoding for HD and 360 web video publishing to Twitter/Periscope, YouTube and Facebook.


With a Cloud package, the user is given free software encoders for MacWindowsiOS and Android devices. Using any Streambox software encoder the user is able to stream live HD and 360 videos in real-time, anywhere in the world, with multi-format video transcoding to web/mobile devices, or directly to Twitter/Periscope, YouTube andFacebook.


The Streambox NODE™ is a small, mobile, and low-cost media player device with HDMI output supporting ten video channels that can automatically “pull” live video fromStreambox Cloud or Enterprise Server. The device can also receive live video directly from an encoder for live video playout to connected TVs & monitors.


Rackmount encoders now have improved support for capture, encoding, and vertical ancillary data, V-ANC (non-video information such as closed captions and advertisement insertion triggers).


Streambox now offers an AES-128 video encryption add-on for rackmount encoders/decoders and the MacOS Media Player that encrypts every videoaudio, and VANC packet without adding latency to the video stream and ensures only users with an authorized key can play out an encrypted video stream.


Streambox has added a frame synchronizer to its 9200, 9300, 9400, and 3D-IMAGrackmount encoders to support multi-camera switching.