NAB News - Streambox NODE: Low Cost Media Player for TV’s and Monitors

04.04.2018 16:05

ThThe Streambox NODE is a small form factor media player device supporting ten programmable video channels which will automatically “pull” live video from Streambox Cloud and Enterprise Server or directly from an encoder for live video playout to connected TVs & monitors.

The Streambox NODE Decoder/Player delivers true HD video and is very easy to use. It has an Ethernet (RJ45) connection for Internet connectibity and an HDMI out for video display. The NODE is ideally suited for mobile or remote operations.

streambox node with monitor

For low cost automated video playout Node provides a consistent high quality live video stream. An Ethernetand HDMI connection are all you need for unparalleled HD streaming to a connected TV. Ease of use is key to how Streambox NODE stands out from the pack. With Automated Video Routing you are able to setup the NODE once, then it automatically finds the correct encoder in the future, providing a quick setup and peace of mind.

Each programmable channel can automatically pull or receive a unique video stream from the Streambox Cloud or from point-to-point connection; based on predefined metadata. Stream pull allows the NODE to work behind NAT/firewall without static IP (requires Streambox Cloud or Enterprise Server). The NODE can be left running 24/7 and render the stream in real time as it arrives. Users can use front panel buttons to open the on-screen display and select channels.


Streambox offers security video encryption for live and archived video. The wide use of digital images and videos in various applications brings serious attention to security and privacy issues today. Data encryption is a suitable method to protect this data.