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18.05.2015 16:08

Panasonic Launches new LUMIX DMC-G7 camera for stills and video

The revolutionary Panasonic LUMIX G7 offers Panasonic’s exclusive 4K PHOTO feature that taps the high resolution of 4K Ultra HD video to improve the speed of photo capture. With the exclusive 4K PHOTO feature you are able to pause and extract high resolution pictures from 4K video so you will never again miss that one special moment. The LUMIX G7 is also compatible with over 24 compact lens options and is built on the next generation interchangeable lens camera standard (Micro Four Thirds)

12.05.2015 11:12

Sony Electronics announced new Home Entertainment AV Receivers and Sound Bars

The HT-ST9, HT-NT3, and both new A/V Receivers have Google Cast™ built in so you can cast your favorite music apps from your personal device to your speakers. You can cast from your Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, and Mac or Windows laptop. By simply pressing the cast icon, you can search, browse, play, skip, and turn up the volume on your favorite tracks directly.

15.04.2015 16:18

Rabble.TV Launches Real-Time Streaming Audio Platform for Live Sports and Television

We met these guys at the NAB 2015 ShowStoppers event - This is pretty cool - viewers can participate and provide live comment on streaming video events - sports, politics, TV shows, whatever. Do you have a better opinion or description of what is going on? Share it. Rate it. be part of the experience. Rabble.TV Launches Real-Time Streaming Audio Platform for Live Sports and Television

15.04.2015 16:05

Video Stabilisation Technology now available as off-the-shelf, in-line, plug-in solution

Versions of StableEyesHD are available for most common video standards and it is simply installed by plugging it into the existing video cable connections. The simplicity of in-line installation means that it provides an easy way to upgrade existing installations and can just as easily be removed should a downgrade be required

15.04.2015 13:18

Rabble.TV Launches Real-Time Streaming Audio Platform for Live Sports and Television

We met these guys at the NAB 2015 ShowStoppers event - This is pretty cool - viewers can participate and provide live comment on streaming video events - sports, politics, TV shows, whatever. Do you have a better opinion or description of what is going on? Share it. Rate it. be part of the experience. Rabble.TV Launches Real-Time Streaming Audio Platform for Live Sports and Television

15.04.2015 13:08

Panasonic Rolls out HX-AX1 - new wearable action camcorder

The new Panasonic HX-A1 (A1) wearable, ultra-compact, POV action camcorder is so lightweight (at 1.6 ounces or approx. 45 grams) that shooting hands-free is nearly imperceptible. This allows for longer periods of recording exciting scenes in Full HD. The A1's rugged structure keeps water and dust out and protects against impact and cold temperatures.

15.04.2015 12:48

MOOVIT™ Power Drive attaches to cameras, dollies and sliders to provide smooth variable speed motion

MOOVIT™ allows an on-the-go cameraman the ability to produce amazingly smooth and consistent moves with his camera. Unlike other units, the variable speed knob is simple to use. There's no screen to read, no data to enter. You just turn the dial to your preferred speed, then click the toggle switch in the direction you want to go and you're done.

12.04.2015 15:52

VSN Mobil Releases 360-degree HD Video Camera

The V.360° camera is an entirely self-contained device – not an accessory. It utilizes a very high quality, 4K/16 Megapixel imager capable of capturing 360 degree video in full HD (6480 x 1080 pixels) – comparable to three full 1080p images laid side to side. The imager also incorporates backside illumination for excellent performance even in low-light conditions or underwater. This combination of imager and the unique and patent pending optics means the days of stitching images together to get a complete 360-degree picture are over.

12.04.2015 15:44

StudioCoast Systems Announces vMix Control Surface

StudioCoast Systems Announces vMix Control Surface; “I shoot live dance and music events on a vMix GO configuration. In a hectic live event situation where I'm personally controlling remote cameras, switching the shots and keeping up with social media, the vMix Control Surface streamlines the workflow into simple key-presses. It's an essential piece of equipment that makes the whole process work smoothly.” Said Andy Mogg, founder of Dancing Images Photography & Videography in San Francisco.

12.04.2015 13:19

Canon U.S.A. Launches new XC10 4K Digital Camcorder

Compact, lightweight and versatile, the new Canon XC10 is designed to deliver stunning 4K and Full HD video as well as compelling 12-Megapixel still images. The camcorder also has a built-in function to extract eight megapixel still images from recorded 4K video, making it one of Canon's most convenient multimedia tools to date. In addition to the camcorder's 4K and Full HD video capture capabilities, the XC10 camcorder includes a one-inch 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, with a 10x Wide-Angle Zoom Lens with a 2x Digital Teleconverter and Optical Image Stabilization allowing for rock-steady video and still image shooting.

12.04.2015 13:01

The Tiffen Company Debuts New Diffusion Filters

All three of the new Black Diffusion filters will be available for demonstration and testing at NAB 2015. The selection includes: Black Glimmer Glass, Black Pearlescent, and Black Soft/FX. Available filters will include, but are not limited to, all three Black Diffusion filters, the original GlimmerGlass, Pearlescent and Soft/FX filters, the Bronze GlimmerGlass filter and the Black and White Satin filters.

10.04.2015 11:50

Rotolight Neo named as Finalist for IABM Game Changer Awards

The new Neo™ on camera lighting system includes includes three ground-breaking features. Designer Fade™ mode for custom fade up / fade down production effects. True Aperture Dimming™ that accurately calculates the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance. The Rotolight Neo™ offers an arsenal of Cinematographic Special FX (CineSFX™), CineSFX™ provides customisable creative visual lighting effects, on set or location to simulate Strobe, Lightning, Fire, Cycle, Throb and TV!

10.04.2015 11:44

Tiffen Rolls Out new products at NAB 2015

Products include Steadicam SOLO and its new Arm and Vest package, plus the new Steadicam Universal Smartphone Mount; special Garrett Brown presentation to take place on April 14th from 2 PM – 3 PM at the B&H Booth

10.04.2015 10:39

CamDolly Launches the Filmmaking Industry’s First Portable, Modular Dolly System

The CamDolly Cinema System will be the industry’s first truly portable and modular dolly system for professional-grade video and film equipment. If its Kickstarter campaign achieves its $100,000 goal, videographers and filmmakers will finally be able to perform smooth, dynamic dolly shots for a fraction of the energy and expense that come with existing dolly solutions.

09.04.2015 14:50

Faroudja Enterprises to Unveil New Image Quality Improvement Technologies at NAB 2015

“Media-hungry consumers want more content with better video quality, especially as they begin to purchase UHDTVs and mobile devices with similar resolution. The biggest disappointment any viewer can experience -- especially a UHDTV viewer -- is low-quality video when they expect high-quality perfection,” said Bill Herz, COO of Faroudja Enterprises. “These technologies could be deployed easily in consumer devices such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, DVRs, smartphones and tablets, to increase consumer satisfaction.”

09.04.2015 11:56

axle Video Launches axle Edit - New Mobile Video Editing App

At NAB 2015, axle will showcase workgroup-connected iPad/iPhone editing, next gen "radically simple" media management; takes on Transfer FCP and Transfer AE products from Boris FX. axle Edit is designed for mobile journalists as well as media producers/assistants who need a quick and convenient way to create rough cut sequences from their iPhones or iPads. Featuring touch-based subclip selection and sequence assembly on a timeline, local or server-based media can be intuitively edited. Media can be played back in low resolution, then rendered in high-res formats on the axle server. axle Edit is ideal for producer/editor ("preditor") workflows where media is captured on mobile devices, then integrated with other media on main storage.

09.04.2015 11:46

EditShare Ships XStream EFS

EditShare rolls out the world’s most affordable enterprise scale-out storage solution. “EditShare’s XStream EFS is a game-changing new product that represents the world’s most affordable, enterprise-class scalable storage solution. A great fit for virtually any-size facility, it encompasses the core DNA that has made our shared storage solutions a top pick among media organizations around the world,” comments Andy Liebman, founder and CEO, EditShare. “XStream EFS includes EditShare’s smart media management tools and advanced project sharing and it’s built on a blazing-fast, fault-tolerant architecture that can sustain any kind of mission critical workflow.”

09.04.2015 11:41

LiveU Launches MultiPoint Cloud-Based IP Video Distribution Service

Broadcasters now have a highly cost-effective way of replacing most of their satellite operations to share content across groups with minimal delay, without the costs of satellite re-transmission.

08.04.2015 16:16


IP-Based Broadcast Playout, 4K UHD, HDR and Advanced Digital Workflows Will be Demonstrated by Deluxe to Enable Broadcasters, Content Owners and Distributors to Unlock New Opportunities. Deluxe MediaCloud gives broadcasters an alternative to legacy owned and operated hardware-centric broadcast infrastructure. The DL3 platform for global end-to-end supply chain management features enhanced capabilities to support advanced formats, including IMF(Interoperable Master Format is a file transfer format for video and audio), 4K UHD (Ultra High Def), and HDR (High Dynamic Range), highly scalable and dynamic content preparation and delivery, and unprecedented localization abilities that currently handles one million minutes of content around the world each month.

08.04.2015 16:05

Vme TV Launches Campaign to Improve Health Education and Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

The campaign, sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, consists of a series of video capsules offering health care tips focusing on the importance of health care literacy to help Hispanics learn more about key topics that are critical to achieving better health. These include preventive care, managing diseases prevalent among Hispanics, and what to consider when purchasing health insurance.