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08.04.2015 16:16


IP-Based Broadcast Playout, 4K UHD, HDR and Advanced Digital Workflows Will be Demonstrated by Deluxe to Enable Broadcasters, Content Owners and Distributors to Unlock New Opportunities. Deluxe MediaCloud gives broadcasters an alternative to legacy owned and operated hardware-centric broadcast infrastructure. The DL3 platform for global end-to-end supply chain management features enhanced capabilities to support advanced formats, including IMF(Interoperable Master Format is a file transfer format for video and audio), 4K UHD (Ultra High Def), and HDR (High Dynamic Range), highly scalable and dynamic content preparation and delivery, and unprecedented localization abilities that currently handles one million minutes of content around the world each month.

08.04.2015 16:05

Vme TV Launches Campaign to Improve Health Education and Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

The campaign, sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, consists of a series of video capsules offering health care tips focusing on the importance of health care literacy to help Hispanics learn more about key topics that are critical to achieving better health. These include preventive care, managing diseases prevalent among Hispanics, and what to consider when purchasing health insurance.

08.04.2015 13:11

WorldCast Systems Talks Digital MPX

WorldCast will be showcasing MPX over IP- enabled audio codecs for both stereo and multi-channel delivery. With the ability to support 96kHz of audio bandwidth and scale the sample rate to 192kHz, the output of the audio codec can be transferred directly to the modulator of the exciter. This 100% digital path eliminates D/A and A/D conversions which may cause degradation of signal quality and could introduce distortion.

08.04.2015 10:24

Streambox Announces World's Smallest Low Latency Drone Encoder for Streaming LIVE HD Video over Bonded Cellular Networks

The Drone EncoderPro is designed to capture and stream HD/SDI professional video from UAV's used for agriculture, news gathering, film production, live events, public safety, government and enterprise users. The extremely small form factor, low power, network bonding encoder is designed to reliably stream HD videos over all available IP networks to globally deployed Streambox Cloud where video can be routed to desired play outs and streamed over the web.

07.04.2015 17:24

SmallHD Launches Sidefinder— Breakthrough new Viewfinder and Monitor Combo

News for camera operators - SmallHD introduces a ground breaking new concept in affordable on-camera displays. The Sidefinder is a true high definition, fully featured, electronic viewfinder that boasts a groundbreaking benefit: a 5-inch, fold-out, Full HD display for use as a field monitor.

07.04.2015 16:28

2015 Mobile Viewpoint launches WebStreamur, a global marketplace for Live Mobile Journalism

Mobile Viewpoint launches WebStreamur, a global marketplace for Live Mobile Journalism. WebStreamur delivers high quality live video from any place to the web. WebStreamur utilizes the award winning bonding technology of Mobile Viewpoint to live stream from any location using bonded IP channels.

07.04.2015 14:50

Sony Optical Disc Archive technology powered by DNA Evolution

Unlike traditional LTO-based solutions, the Sony Optical Disc Archive technology powered by DNA Evolution software enables access to file-based content without restores. This significantly extends the system’s core functionality enabling it to also serve as a fully-capable nearline platform. The ability to directly access digital camera master archives on the Optical Disc Archive system with DNA Evolution can lead to simpler storage infrastructures and savings on expensive online disk-based systems.

07.04.2015 14:46

Comcast Selects Elemental to support Advanced DVR Services

Elemental Technologies, the leading supplier of software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery, today announced that Comcast has selected its video processing software to power encoding for the X1 DVR with cloud technology.

07.04.2015 10:36

axle Video Takes on Tools for Editing Interoperability

Boris FX and axle Video announced a partnership agreement under which axle Video has become the owner and sole publisher of the Transfer FCP and Transfer AE products originally developed by Boris FX.

02.04.2015 17:02

Top 10 participants announced for NAB SPROCKIT 2015

From reinventing content on emerging mobile devices to improving social engagement with traditional media platforms, each of these companies has a unique solution for some of the industry’s biggest challenges. SPROCKIT will showcase industry-vetted emerging companies at NAB Show and convene throughout the year at SPROCKIT Sync, a series of private meetings where executives and entrepreneurs meet to collectively discuss and introduce new technologies that will advance the industry

01.04.2015 13:10

Saffron Digital offers broadcasters and operators a seamless TV Everywhere solution that includes live TV, catch-up and VOD in one place.

Saffron Digital has partnered with Nowtilus, a content workflow platform provider, to add live streaming to MainStage, its premium OTT platform. The new partnership means Saffron Digital can now offer broadcasters and operators a seamless TV Everywhere solution that includes live TV, catch-up and VOD in one place. The new TV Everywhere solution will be unveiled at NAB on Saffron Digital’s Connected Media IP stand N1222 located in the North Hall.

30.03.2015 14:44

Online video viewing on mobile devices will overtake desktop viewing by Q4 2016

Mobile device viewing will overtake desktop viewing by Q4 2016; Larger screen iPhones are giving smart phone video completion rates a major boost; Apple TV and other OTT devices are starting to take a hold of the iOS marketshare in video viewing; 2014 was the year that TVE was picked up by the early adapters; in 2015 it will become the new norm with TV Everywhere viewership reaching 17.5% by the end of the year

30.03.2015 14:40

Vocas Systems at NAB 2015

Vocas to introduce new prpduction accessories. Includes the patented Vocas matte box and the registered new follow focus MFC-2. Next to that Vocas introduces, due to the success of the Vocas wooden hand grips, more new wooden accessories! Vocas has a surprising tailor-made item at their booth. The patented Vocas matte boxes are as of now available in Limited Edition versions. Available right now is a camouflage edition, a carbon edition, on fire edition, US edition and last but certainly not least a wooden edition!

30.03.2015 14:37

Enco and VidiGo team up for Visual Radio

Visual radio is about creating professional TV from a radio studio without interfering with the true radio culture. The audio is still leading and no additional staff is needed to turn good radio into good TV. VidiGo’s Visual Radio is a fully automated IT based solution - including fully automated camera switching based on audio analysis.

30.03.2015 14:33

RFS to Feature Variable Polarization Technology at NAB 2015

At NAB 2015, RFS will display a suite of products that are frequency-agile, polarization-agile and future-proof, including its SBB array, wideband series of slot arrays, the SxP series pylon array, the PEP Master Array and PEP Lite array. RFS to Feature Variable Polarization Technology at NAB 2015

27.03.2015 20:35

Softvallee Teamium®, a Simple and Collaborative Cloud based Solution for Planning and Production Management

Enabling the optimization and management of facilities, technology and personnel, the Teamium® Cloud application goes beyond existing legacy solutions by providing greater flexibility and availability to production facilities regardless of size or location.

27.03.2015 16:30

VidiGo launches next step in virtualized workflows for live TV production

VidiGo launches new Toolbox 2.3. The VCC is a fully web-based control server for VidiGo’s live production workflows. The VCC is VidiGo’s next step towards virtual live TV production.

27.03.2015 12:52

Datavideo announces a portable CG solution

The DataVideo TC-200 is a small title creation box that accepts an HDMI signal from a laptop computer and can either downstream or upstream key. The TC-200 is equipped with a free basic CG software called CG-200, which is capable of creating lower thirds, text crawls, and scrolls.

27.03.2015 12:44

BBS Lighting Intros Pipeline System Remote Phosphor Lights and more at NAB

BBS Lighting Intros Pipeline System Remote Phosphor Lights; In a uniquely versatile form factor, Pipeline offers BBS’ superior color rendering, fan-less operation for both daylight and tungsten color output, wireless DMX control and run on AC or DC.

27.03.2015 11:44

Elemental® Statmux is the industry’s first software-based multi-codec, multi-resolution statistical multiplexer.

Elemental announced Elemental® Statmux, the industry’s first software-based multi-codec, multi-resolution statistical multiplexer. The solution is part of a broader Elemental initiative to enable broadcasters, content owners and pay TV operators to implement flexible and scalable unified infrastructure that supports both traditional broadcast and multiscreen linear video delivery.