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25.11.2014 16:42

Movavi video editor software adds new editing, special effects and conversion features

Movavi Video Suite v14 now includes support for 4K video, SD to HD video upscale, video to GIF conversion, online call / Skype video recording, Slow Motion and other new special effects. With a price tag of $59.95 for a personal lifelong license, Movavi Video Video 14 is an affordable and efficient media editing solution for home use.

24.11.2014 10:44

FXHOME rolls out HitFilm 3 Pro video editing software

HitFilm 3 Pro combines high quality editing tools, 3D compositing, 3D object rendering, an industry leading particle simulator and an expansive toolkit for advanced color correction and grading, all in a single product. Over 180 fully customizable visual effects are included plus 130 plugins for use in Sony Vegas, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

21.11.2014 16:37

Service providers can add high density voice and video processing to their networks

Service providers can add high density voice and video processing to their networks using a standard rack server architecture. Applications such as session border controller, media gateway, media resource function, video/content optimization, WebRTC voice, network video conferencing and interactive voice and video response can now scale to meet consumers' increasing demands while reducing power and space requirements.

20.11.2014 20:44

JVC Rolls Out 3 new Affordable 4K Video camcorders

JVC Is Releasing Three New 4K Compact Handheld Camcorders That Make Ultra-High Definition 4K Economical for Cinematographers, Webcasters and Broadcasters, Corporate and Live Event Production Teams: the GY-LS300, GY-HM200 and GY-HM170

19.11.2014 14:57

VideoStitch Rolls Out new Vahana VR, Panoramic Video Creation Software

VideoStitch's software, Vahana VR, takes multiple cameras and creates a single high-resolution panoramic video in real-time, covering up to 360x360 degrees, with no blind spots.

14.11.2014 11:21

How Big is the Internet of Things - Attack of the Sentrollers

By 2015, Gartner Says 4.9 Billion Connected "Things" Will Be in Use; In 2020, 25 Billion Connected "Things" Will Be in Use. The Internet of Things (IoT)* has become a powerful force for business transformation, and its disruptive impact will be felt across all industries and all areas of society.

13.11.2014 17:53

DJI Rolls Out Inspire 1 Three Axis Quadcopter With Integrated Video Camera

The Inspire 1 Is a Brand New Quadcopter Capable of Capturing 4K Video and Transmitting in a HD Video Signal to Multiple Devices Straight out of the Box.This DJI Inspire 1 bundle comes ready-to-fly (RTF). This means a pre-bound transmitter (radio controller) is included and that no major assembly is required

13.11.2014 17:46

SkreensTV ™: Watch What You Want, When You Want

This looks very cool! SkreensTV Is the First System That Creates Multiple Screens, Giving You Total Control to Simultaneously Watch, Play and Stream Anything You Want on One TV Screen; By combining cable TV, sports, gaming, apps, websites and social media, SkreensTV lets you simultaneously watch, play and stream different types of content to one TV screen.

12.11.2014 14:55

LiveU's online news exchange platform makes it simpler and cheaper to offer or request newsgathering services for breaking news and events

With the LiveU Community, LiveU uplink devices can transmit to any LiveU server, essentially allowing the broadcaster to use any service provider's unit as one of their own. Leveraging the massive deployment of LiveU units and servers around the world, LiveU Community enables LiveU broadcasters to find LiveU-equipped professionals in any geographic location and create unique content at a significantly reduced cost, and much faster, than sending their own news crew or using satellite or microwave equipment.

11.11.2014 15:57

Watch High Quality HD Social Media Video on your SmartPhone - Keek

Keek First Major Social Video Network to Offer HD - HD Video Automatically Adjusts Based on Quality of Bandwidth and Network Conditions; Keek Membership Grows to More Than 71 Million

27.10.2014 16:14

Firtiva: Watch Videos for Free Without Interruption

Firtiva: Watch Videos for Free Without Interruption; Firtiva is a Silicon Valley startup with a patented system for broadcasting content of any kind without commercial interruption.

25.10.2014 16:53

Canon announces new professional camcorder

Designed for economical film and video productions such as documentary and remote broadcast crews, wedding and event coverage, indie film productions, as well as film schools and business and government users, the new EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera, features advanced image processing, AVCHD and MP4 1920×1080/60p recording, uncompressed YCbCr output from HDMI, and many other new and enhanced capabilities for improved picture quality, operability, and convenient handling.

21.10.2014 17:03

Bitmovin Launches BitDash video player

The bitdash players enable MPEG-DASH playback on any web browser using either HTML5 as well as Flash, depending on the browser and version, and even on mobile platforms using HTML5

21.10.2014 13:47

Pixability makes it easier to manage your YouTube advertising

The new Pixability v3TrueView optimization platform manages YouTube video Adword buys and promises to streamline YouTube campaign management, reduce risk, target with greater accuracy, and deliver better results with clear reporting.

11.10.2014 12:24

Polaroid Cube Camera for Action Video

Polaroid Cube lifestyle action camera is weatherproof, shockproof, mountable and built to handle everything you can imagine. Packed with fun including 1080p HD video, 124° wide angle lens, and built in battery that records up to 90 minutes.

04.10.2014 13:31

Kultura launches new Video Creativity Suite

Kaltura's new Video Creativity Suite includes easy to use video tools for capturing, creating, recording, uploading, editing, annotating, segmenting and adding calls to action to video content

24.09.2014 12:38

Artesyn SharpStreamer acceleration card enables high density video transcoding and multiscreen delivery.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies SharpStreamer add-on acceleration card enables content owners, broadcasters and service provider networks to speed the deployment of high density video transcoding and multiscreen delivery.

24.09.2014 11:06

ROAM 3 Action Camcorder

The new Contour ROAM3 utilizes a waterproof and impact-resistant aluminum housing to allow it to function up to 30-feet underwater without a bulky case. Shoot stills and video.

22.09.2014 15:39

ProMAX Launches new Video Workflow Servers

Media Asset Management and a Browser-Based UI top a list of powerful features designed to accelerate and improve the content creation process. Large-scale increases in performance & capacity enable true collaborative production of 4K videoll-in-ONE,modular construct advances 4K editorial and VFX workflows

22.09.2014 12:23

New video compression codec for high quality streaming video

Luxoft’s VP9 Encoder combines high performance with lower power consumption. Improves the balance between performance and quality of the Google codec, and increases encoding performance. Luxoft’s innovative codec is designed to help video content providers, cloud servers, and live-streaming companies produce effective, real-time 4K/UltraHD encoding and video streaming.