Video of Toyota's new Fuel Cell Car - the Mirai

17.11.2014 15:58

Check out this promotional video demoing Toyota's new Fuel Cell car - the Mirai

Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., a car name of the sedan type of new fuel cell vehicles (FCV) "MIR I decided to AI (Future) ". MIRAI is derived from the "future" in Japanese, Akio Toyoda president, "now, the history of the car size is .MIRAI you are about to change rather than, rather than just a new car, the world "even better, Inc. Meeting " leading to it and believe to be a "better car" ", it commented. For more information, click here: http: //Newsroom.Toyota.Co.Jp/detail/4 ... Toyota Global News Room: Http://Newsroom.Toyota.Co.Jp/ Toyota corporate site: http: //Www.Toyota / Toyota official Twitter: Http://Www.Twitter.Com/Toyota_pr/ Toyota Official Facebook: http: //Www.Facebook.Com/ToyotaMotorCo ...

You might have to hit the Translate button to udnerstand what the video and the news is all about...

According to the Wall Street Journal -

The Mirai is the first fuel-cell vehicle sold to the public, rather than to commercial fleets, which have operated hydrogen-powered cars for several years. The competing events continue the one-upmanship between the two auto makers, which are global leaders in hydrogen-propulsion development.

 Mr. Toyoda explains that the Mirai will travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen, with a refill taking less than five minutes. Those are important selling points in Toyota’s effort to promote hydrogen as an alternative to battery-powered electric vehicles in the quest for greener powertrains.