Why girls are cold on Halloween

22.10.2015 18:14

Short sexy outfits - why are young girls cold on Halloween? Why cant they get warmed up?  Watch "Girls are Cold on Halloween" at CollegeHumor. Funny, sexy and very cold. It as cold as a witch's teat. Or a regular girls teat. Or teats...






Avery - Jessica Lowe
Bridget - Nicole Prokes
Erica - Jen D'Angelo
Hot Dude - Adam Wagner
Promoter - Jon Wolf
Handsome Man - Eric Barron
Chewbacca - Dan Siegel
Fratty Dude - Evan Watkins
Partygoer - James Janisse
Mike Kellz
Robert Felsted
Dennis Condusta
Arielle Handza
Venee Porter
Caroline Gayle
Director - Paul Briganti
Writer - Emily Axford
Adam Conover
Producer - Jon Wolf
Cinematography - Elie Smolkin
Editor - Paul Briganti
Kent Kincannon
President of Original Content - Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer - Spencer Griffin
Director of Production - Sam Sparks