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Summer In Oregon

This is a very pretty music video shot with the Canon 5D Mark 111 - Magic Lantern. The short trailer video “Summer in Oregon” was shot mostly at 1080p and is an exciting use of the Canon 5D MKIII DSLR camera and the Magic Lantern RAW hack.



Kelpe's "Go Visible" by filmmakers Mira Loew and David Altweger

Watch this Music video - Kelpe's "Go Visible" by filmmakers Mira Loew and David Altweger . Strange but very coool






Desperados Tequila Flavored beer? This might be the best Internet Video commercial ever! Great concept, tons of imaginative break through the wall interactivity plus it gathers demographic info. Wow. You got to check it out!  You may never click on a banner ad again.



  • Fluid Dress

    This is a video of the fluid dress I made. It's 600 ft. of knitted tubing powered by a pump located in the backpack. MUSIC Ratatat…"Cherry" (excerpt)
    This is incredible. Great art project with a dress that consists of multi colored fluids! The video is very, very cool as well. You got to check this out!

Anime Guy Goes On A Date

This is BRILLIANT - great effects, funny and extremely well produced!

Anime Guy Goes On A Date

This is brilliant - Mad Men Jump the Shark parody.

Read all about how they made it at AdAge

The Satin Dollz in "Whatever Lola Wants"

by Dan Blank - This is really cool - fake retro with wonderful effects!
Music video for the vintage dance troupe, The Satin Dollz (with special appearances by The Jive Aces). Directed by Dan Blank, produced by Dan Blank & Allison Lizzi.​channels/​satindollz

Filmed in Hollywoodland, California in glorious 7-D. Produced for less than $2000 on a DSLR. Check out the "Making of" at​13774835

If you like Rave - Electronica music, you are gonna love Cows - Cows - Cows

surreal bovine choreography. Its going to moooove ya

No cows were harmed during the making of this video, though their future prospects probably aren't as optimistic.


You got to see this - the Expendables Trailer - Teaser. whatever - staring Sylvester Stallone.

This maybe the best YouTube Trailer of all time. Watch Stallone crack and blast the YouTube walls. Don't you wish you could do this? GREAT TECHNIQUE!

Are you a film maker? Did you go to film school? Watch this - Don't Go To Film School

 Five of the Best Ever "Get a Mac" TV Commercials

Avatar 2 Trailer - This is great. Combining elements of some of the iconic films of the past few decades. A special treat for film fans

This completely original movie brought to you by Australia's ""Hungry Beast."


Snake Lake is a spot on spoof of made for TV SyFy Channel movies. The director is a douche, the actors are deluded, and the special effects are laughable- just like a real SyFy movie.

Are you an actor or actress? Do you hate auditions? Check out this funny series of videos documenting the audition and acting life.
Kate is an actor (, editor (, director (, and has an unexplained affinity for tacky sequin dancewear.

This is an awesome video project - animation - we don't really know how to classify it. It definitely needs watching though.

  • This is brilliant. Very well done- excellently written and a great voice over by God Himself, Morgan Freeman! Or at least it  sounds like him. Check this out. One night stands at college!

    March of Shame - its the National Geographic special you will never see...

    If Mother Nature knew, she'd be so disappointed.

  • The Actor Enforcer with Ethan Suplee

    Directors and producers - having problems with stubborn actors? Actresses who won't do what they are told? Call the Actor Enforcer! Brilliant!

    Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene .

     Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene 
    Shooting sex scenes is often a bit of a challenge especially with sensitive young actresses who are a bit reluctant to bare it all. Hopefully, by using a body double and some careful editing, it is possible to create a hot steamy scene where nothing before existed. Exclusive sex scene from Rachel Bilson's upcoming film "Hearts of Palm"

    This is funny - especially for film makers

    After You -  After You is a beautiful short film about loss, sadness and smiling. directed by Adam Linzey. You should never let a connection moment pass...

    Hosted at Renderyard

    video pic

    Backyard FX

    If you want to make movies - on a budget - you got to check out this site!

    DIY filmmaking guru Erik Beck and his build team show you how to recreate a new special effect for cheap every Monday on Backyard FX. Whether it's a viewer request or an effect from the latest Hollywood movie, BFX recreates it for $50 bucks or less. Additional segments on Backyard FX include Hollywood FX, where Erik visits top special effect studios, and Your FX, a show highlighting thousands of viewer-contributed tips and films.

    Molly Sims Dramatic Acting Reel from Molly Sims, FOD Team, and Jake Having problems with plot development with your script? Just add a female character in a tiny bikini or sexy underwear.

    Molly Sims Dramatic Acting Reel

    Supermodel Molly Sims wants you to know she's got more than just good bone structure. She's got acting chops, and here's her reel to prove it.

    Bikinis, bikinis and oh, sexy underwear

    Here is a great argument why most screenwriters don't add cell phones to their characters in those suspenseful scenes and inciting incidents. This is brilliant - especially if you are a film buff.

    This is a brilliant little animation. Funny and short. Share it with your friends...

    Pixar Intro Parody
    Beware of adorable, homicidal lamps., the online portal for explore, is a community destination where people share thoughts, engage in dialogue, view and email films and photographs and embed their favorites on blogs and social networking sites. Delivered in short, digestible bites,’s content appeals to viewers of all ages, from schoolchildren learning about other cultures for the first time to adults hungry for stories about amazing people doing great work around the globe. People can learn about the world around them in an objective, non-sensational manner, and witness some of the most selfless works on the planet along the way. With over 200 online films, explore features a wide range of topics—from animal rights, health and human services and poverty to the environment, education and spirituality.

    This is incredible. Toy Soldiers - I have never seen such an intricate piece of high quality stop motion animation. Simply amazing!


    Are you an aspiring film maker? Check out the Sundance Directors Lab at YouTube. Its brilliant. Watch all eight segments. Here is one of our favorite episodes - All About Editing

    What does your gut say? What if it's wrong? Lab Fellow Andrew MacLean learns to train his instincts for what makes the cut and what doesn't.

    Sundance Directors Lab 6: The Editing Room

      Choose A Different Ending: startYou can use video interactivity to tell a story or to teach a lesson. Alternate endings and plot twists are exciting and inspire the viewer to go back and try a different path. - Know when to say no. Picking up a gun or a knife always makes a situation worse never better. This is a new website from the Metropolitan Police that shows young adults how real people can turn away from violent crime.

    WiFi Prostitutes - this is brilliant and nerdy and makes wireless technology and 802.11 just so hot and sexy. I can't wait to connect. warning - Adult topics.

    You can hook up.


    Do you still smoke? Have friends that smoke? Family? This may be the most outrageous anti-smoking video ad ever. A spoof on anti-smoking commercials, this video shows how smoking and cancer leads to humans becoming robots. Keywords: Big Tobacco, voice box, anti-smoking, cancer, cyborgs, machine, revolution

    This is wonderful. Funny, cute and just somewhat tragic. The N00b Boyfriend

    L33T the parents - The "L33ts" disapprove of their daughter's less-than-technologically-savvy boyfriend. Keywords: 1337, leet speak, n00b, noob, World of Warcraft, pwn, pwnage, flame war, epic fail, Halo

    "Moment of Silence"

    This is brilliant - and if you are in the video and filming making biz - you'll love it even more!

    All the sounds in Ronald's life are created by his own personal foley artist, working in the deep recesses of his mind. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse when nothing sounds as it should. This is another great 48 Hour Film Project

    moments of silence

    Rough Cut


    This is fascinating - from an Internet Video editing perspective. Check out how Greg Benson from Mediocre Films cuts his videos to shorten them up and make them funnier and more effective. The before version on the left includes pop notes to explain what he is going to do. After Fine Editing


    This is brilliant. Mix together the best of inside web humor with the classic "West Side Story" and you get Web Site Story. Very well done. Good acting, nice songs and wonderful production value. Directed and written by Sam Reich. This is perfect for musical web nerds who love musicals
    Web Site Story

     Check out the finalists and vote now!

    Here are the 2009 Star Wars Fan Movie Award finalists. Vote for your favorite flick to win the Audience Choice Award, which will be presented in a lavish ceremony at Comic-Con on July 24!  Voting closes on July 10th, noon PST!

    Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version - this one of the coolest ever takes on  Dusto McNeato's "literal video" concept! This one is brilliant.  

     Wish I had an Ikan

     This is a very cool entrant for the I Wish I Had an Ikan video contest. This is great - You don't want to be an out of focus director or cinematographer! Created by Clint Milby.

     You are going to love this parody take off on SlumDog Millionaire. Wonderfully shot, edited and conceived - and its FUNNY!

    The Slumdog Price is Right
    Come on down... to India!

    Interactive Hot Tub Girl! - This is a very cool concept for Internet video. Interactive videos with hot links embedded in the video. BTW - This is a safe site to visit at work. But you can let your imagination run wild...

    <  Play: INTERACTIVE HOT TUB GIRL Where You Get to Choose What Our Hero Does to Impress the Hot Tub Girl Make sure your YouTube Annotations are turned on! ...

    You Can't Do That on Film Anymore - by Greg Jackson Length: 6:45

    A comedy about the perils of the movie making process. Greg is writing a short film about getting dumped...again. Scott and Jane, the two actors in the film, don’t like the script. So they step out of their roles to demand revisions from the writer.


    This is brilliant - Quillions from the 48 Hour Film  Project where a team of filmmakers get together and plan, produce, shoot, and edit a complete short film over the weekend. Its a musical with incredible production value - if you like tracking shots, you are going to love this! Original music by Andrew Gaskins; written and directed by Stephen Anson.

    Filmmaker Special! This is brilliant - especially if you know what foley artists really do....WKUK - Miss March - Blow Job Foley Artists  (4:05) 

    Credits: Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore from the Whitest Kids U'Know (Writers, Directors, and Stars of the new Fox Atomic movie, Miss March)

    If you are in the web hosting or Internet video streaming industry, you will love this video, Web Hosting Gone Wild PART 1 . And if you are not techie at all, you will still like it - but maybe not as much. Extremely well produced and shot, this short video tells the story of what happens when technology becomes a bit too personal and all consuming. Daddy's Little Girl.

    Do you want to see some great HD video delivered over the Internet? Check out the ELEVATE Film Festival, the fastest growing single day film event in the World. They are using Vusion’s HD Video Streaming service. Not only do these high definition videos look great full screen (assuming you have a speedy enough Internet connection and up to date computer) but the videos themselves are great, funny and extremely well made. Check them out at the Elevate Experience.

    Sunshine Bob - This is really bizarre and exceptionally wonderful. Do you have control of your life? Check out Sunshine Bob. Amazingly weird and beautiful but full of pathos.

    Three Men and a Juno

    This is wonderfully well written and exceptionally well produced. Juno places a personals ad for Vanessa and winds up with three unlikely suitors

    This is  quite sick. Just the thing if you are a bit perverted and have a necrophilia tingle.

    Dead Girls Gone Wild

    Now that THEY'RE in a better place, let them take YOU to a better place!

    This is brilliantly evil, crass and amazingly funny and quite un PC. You got to see it. Hosted at  

    A Simple Gift

    This holiday season, your 10 cents can make a difference. Sort of. I want a bow too.




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