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17.02.2015 10:36

Dear Kitten - the cutest ever cat video

We all like cat videos - well most of us. This is probably one of the best ever. Meow. Listen to the wise guidance an adult cat provides to a kitten in order to make sure it gets accepted by the human household.

07.07.2013 18:09

Reginald the Cat - Maybe the best cat video ever

Do you like cute cat videos? If so, you got to watch and share this one. And it is sort of educational as well. Check it out. On YouTube but originally from Animal Planet.

07.07.2013 17:55

Winners of the 2012 Friskies Cat Video Contest

Do you love cat videos? Check out the winners of the 2012 Friskies Cat Video Contest

More cat Videos


Panda Kitty from That Happened! Panda Kat - Cat Video of the Week -

Your favorite new hybrid animal is the panda cat, you will hug it forever

This is a very cute cat video!

 Pitbull versus Kitten.

A kitten named Visa versus Spike the Pitbull.


Where do you stand regarding internet cat videos? First ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival

Go to YouTube or any other video sharing sites and you will be besieged by zillions of cat videos. cats playing, cats eating, cats doing silly things. Even cats sleeping. When will it end? Well, it won't end soon as the Walker Art Institute has announced its Internet Cat Video Film Festival to be held August 30, 2012. You still have time to enter. More info here


Kitty Midnight Madness! cats, cats, cats. Big cats, cute cats, ugly cats.

Get them while they are hot. Come on down. This is a cute, funny and well made parody of the typical "please adopt one of our rescused cats" PSAs.

Andy Hill from Kern Hill Furniture Co-op in Winnipeg gives a 'Come on Down' shout for Winnipeg Humane Society cats

Smart Cat Uses Towel to Dry Her Cute Face  - This is pretty good. Submitted by Melody
Thanks for letting me share this video of my cat, Bianca, who drinks from the sink and then dries her face on a towel. She is adorable and does this every day.  I think it's because I reinforced the first time she did it with laughter and attention, she learned to do it again and again.  Who says cats can't be trained?  Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy watching Bianca do this every day.  (Of course, my towels are becoming a bit threadbare.) 

Vacuum Cat (1:18)

Cat massages need more vacuums immediately

My cat hates the vacuum...

Cat Falls Asleep in his Orange Juice

Give him a break, he only slept for 18 hours last night.


Checkout Ikea's Cute cat Commercial - IKEA UK releases 100 house cats into their Wembley, UK store. See the making of this commercial with 'Herding Cats' http://youtu.be/vCB7RqGS684
To celebrate the new IKEA catalogue IKEA have released a feline friendly Cat-alogue, which can be seen at
.   The music is Pianni by Mara Carlyle, courtesy of Accidental Records.

Simon's Cat 'TV Dinner'

No cats or people were injured during the making of the funny Cat cartoon.

A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to gain its owner's attention.


  Lots of funny cat video. This one is a classic! Now don't let the corny opening fool you, this is surely the most hilarious cat video you will ever see in your life.

Over 15 million views and counting

THE CAT ON THE FAN: is fine. In fact, it's more than fine, it doesn't even exist. It was a computer-generated video made for some commercial.

is based on the very well known Pachelbel's Canon, written in the 1600's by a guy named Johann Pachelbel.

Eight minutes of funny cat videos! Can you last that long? Dozens of funny cat video clips set to music and with funny sound effects.  

Scaredy Kittens (:51)

These kittens are extremely scared of the moving carpet and have to jump to escape their fear.

Cute and funny!


Maru the Cat is also a magician.

Replacing missing Soft Paw cap on her dew claw. Biscuit is so patient through the whole process. I had to trim the claw then sand away the old glue which is really awkward on that particular claw. Also, working in a Salon, I automatically started doing her claws the way we would do a manicure on a person. Not exactly the way a Veterinarian would show as the proper way to trim a cats claws. Still, she sits like a little lady holding up her paw.

Here's a
funny clip of a kitten who's really into computer gaming. This is just one of many clips of her staring maniacally at the monitor while her people play some fps-games. Oh and this also happens on PS2+tv.
Kitteeh wants to play QuakeLive too!

  Cat Playing "I Spy" Do you like cute cat videos? This is pretty funny

Check out Cat Playing "I Spy". You can do this too. Shoot your cat doing cute stuff and then dub in funny voices. Of course though, you might not be as clever as Klaatu42


How To Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship With Your Cat

Who are you spending your romantic moments with?

The Internet is Made of Cats

It's all your favorite cat images set to song. And really, where would the internet be without cats

Has your cat ever sent you a St Valentines Day message? Check out this St Valentines Cat video.
Mike Spencer at Spencer Print & Talking Product Videos specializes in creating talking animal videos and "greeting cards"    What will your goldfish have to confess? 

Cute cat Video!   Meow Fail, Why can't this cat meow???

He gets a pass since he's so good at other cat things. Like being..

So how do you take care of your kitty? What kind of food is best?  Check out Little Nanny Boo-Boo's Kitty Food Food. Meow,,, Little Nanny Boo-Boo's Kitty Food Food


If you like cats, you'll love this great animated video. Very funny and humorous. The Winner of the Renderyard Short Film festival 2008. An old woman looks for cat in her village, where can that darn kitty be? Meow....


video pic

DIRTY KITTY - this is  great example of how to make a a household task look interesting..  Funny, cute and amusing. Share this with your felines! Good imagination, excellent camera angles and wonderful editing.


Cat Depression - Is your cat depressed, sad or mopey? Maybe it just needs some good drugs.






Have you ever seen Monster - the singing cat? you got to see this to believe this....mondo strange


Show your fangs playing Poker "feline-style." - PussyCat Poker
Be a cool kitty and bet like a fat cat.
Texas Hold'em is a lot more fun than rubbing-up against a stranger's leg.
Just don't bet the litter box and try not to shed.

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    Here is a great collection of cats doing funny stuff on video Just a minute 30 long - meow..... This is pretty darn good - even if you don't like cats and kitties



Bad Cats- they get into everything = Girls Having Fun

Cats on a Wheel - Three Bengal cats fight for their turns on a giant hamster wheel.

Kitten Talk - The smaller they are, the cuter they call!

Munchkin Cat Kneading - Beibei (a Munchkin cat) demonstrates some good old fashioned cat kneading.

Cat Walks on Treadmill - A cute little kitty gets on a treadmill for an adorable workout.


Click to Watch!Do you like cats? Do you like New York City? Are you an actor. Put them all together and you get the wonderfully funny and very well made film "Lunky Business." This is part of the Its Your Show competition. Here's a bunch of new You and Pet Videos to check out


What happens when your kitty decides to raise a bunch of puppies? - check out this cute Puppy Snatcher video from Animal Planet


This is really goofy - Kitty Cat Dance by Steve Ibsen. Funny kitty dance song with some great flash animation. If you love cats - or know someone or does, this is a wonderful video to share with them. If you have a feline in your home, show them this and see if you can get them up and moving.

Does your cat watch TV? Does it prefer High Def TV? Checkout this cat versus HDTV article from Phillip Swann.  Many High-Definition TV owners report that their pets are having trouble distinguishing the realistic picture from reality itself.

Kitten meets boa constrictor -

A couple returned home to find their kitty playing with a 7-foot snake. KSL's Alex Carbrero reports (June 17)


Tales of Black Cats - Kitty Kat puppets - I don't what they are really doing but it is cute and funny. Kid s- you can do this....

Do cats like TV? Sometimes they can be a bit of a critic.

Cat Vendetta One - Cat versus Bird. A funny DHL commercial from down under. And of course, don't miss Cat Vendetta Two

Who is Man's Best Friend? Cats or Dogs? Will this argument ever get answered? Cats purr, dogs bark. However when it comes to lifesaving and rescue, cat's can't compare. Or can they? Check out Cat Lassie

You may have heard about the infamous Nokia Cat Commercial? Check it out...

Nokia said that they are " is aware of the video material portraying a cat and a Nokia mobile phone, which is being distributed on the Internet. The footage has not been used in our advertising and it is not an official Nokia advertisement. While the external creators who have created the material have assured us that trick photography was used and no animal was harmed, this does not detract from the distasteful nature of the content."


Meow, its a great film from 7M Pictures. Check out "Caspian"  a short film that tells the story of what really goes through a cat's mind when its owner and property dares to have a date. This is good - especially for cat lovers.